Club Meets

One of my favorite encounters ever was this time I went out to bar and met this couple. I was just mostly people watching and when I went to get a drink this beautiful italian woman struck up a conversation with me. We chatted a bit and I asked whom she was out with and she said her hubby "but he doesn't mind and I should meet him". Being the gentleman I am, I went over said hi and told him his wife was gorgeous. She then asked to dance which we did, her body was amazing with wide hips. She told me that they played and she wanted to see me later. This lady was clearly on the hunt and I was the prey lol. We made post party plans about a half hour after exiting the bar I was buried to the hilt in this gorgeous woman. We went at it until almost dawn with her hubby watching. Hers was a body built for bbc and I pushed her to the limit. Do you have any stories like that?