Can you save your favourite videos on this site... ?

Hello, not sure if this is the best place to post this but here we go...
First off love the site, great place for likeminded couples to share experiences, photos, videos and meetups
have had a fair share of fun already.

I often like to browse the videos here and although 'like' them, but it would be great much like other sites if you could save your favorites onto your profile. I often find ones I like and perhaps want to watch again in the future, but currently I need to scrolll back through pages of videos in the media section to try find it again.

Im not sure if I am doing something wrong and if this feature is available but if its not it certainly should be!!
Im not sure if its possible as far as I can see I dont think it is. I think the media section on the site is great but would be much better and make more sense if you could save your 'favorite' videos and photos in your own private favorite section on your profile.

I have seen this on other sites, helps with looking back to find favorite videos as well as give other members a taste of what you are into and the videos / photos etc you like. Would highly recommend this feature.