1. F

    Gorgeous ladies

    Any of you beautiful women on this site want to sext & exchange pics/videos? If you're interested feel free to hit me up ;)
  2. F


    Any women on this site want to sext? Hmu if you're interested ;) young horny BLC here
  3. EJ Stan

    Looking for freaky couple for a special request

    Hi, I am looking for a couple that will do a special video request for me.[Edit] I am looking for a couple that will make a video of themselves having sex while my name is on the wife's ass, and send it to my email. Let me know if you are interested in doing it and if you are wanting to do more...
  4. I

    Want to find a video

    Hey all. I'm a BBC lover from India and I need to find a video that used to be here (and on PH). Posted quite some time back, late 2015 iirc. Anyway two stunningly hot and massive men are working over a white girl (caption used to say British slut). She goes from noooo to yeaaah and is one of...
  5. blackpat

    bristol BBC

    Genuine single young STRAIGHT black guy with 10 inch cock looking for genuine black cock lovers,Happy to take part in your videos and pics Into couples and females who love the BBC
  6. D

    Cuckold Videos search?

    I know there are a lot of cuckold videos on the web, but I was wondering if there are any videos of where the bull bullies the cuck such as in spanking or verbal abuse, or where the hotwife bullies the cuck. I can't seem to find them online so can anyone post a few or suggest where to find them?
  7. Big booty mom fucks BBC pt4

    Big booty mom fucks BBC pt4

  8. Black Shadow

    Can you save your favourite videos on this site... ?

    Hello, not sure if this is the best place to post this but here we go... First off love the site, great place for likeminded couples to share experiences, photos, videos and meetups have had a fair share of fun already. I often like to browse the videos here and although 'like' them, but it...
  9. Lebanese hairy pussy vs BBC

    Lebanese hairy pussy vs BBC

  10. Sucking and rimjob by experienced tongue

    Sucking and rimjob by experienced tongue

    Sucking and rimjob by experienced tongue
  11. Robido

    Asian Wife looking for Bulls in Shenzhen

    Hi, im 29 and my white husband likes to watch me being fucked by other men so we are looking for Bulls who want to take care of my pussy, my hubby wont always be there as he travels a lot and likes to look at pictures and videos of me getting laid. So if you're in town, horney and want to empty...
  12. RobWilliams

    White guy looking to hire for videos

    Hi there I'm a single white guy that is never happy with commercial videos, and would like to hire people to make customs like grinding and dirty dancing and kissing etc, rather than run if he mill sex videos. That's it in a nutshell. Rob