1. brazilianblond

    Have you ever worn a short dress without panties in a public place?

    I'm dating a guy now, but I'm still exploring my sexuality. Recently I became interested in the idea of up skirts with no panties. Previously, I was somehow not interested in this topic. I didn't really wear short dresses or skirts. Then, when I was sitting on a social network at night, I came...
  2. G

    I catch my wife masturbating

    My wife Carrie and I have been married for 5 years. We have never had problems with sex. We had an adequate attitude towards masturbating as a means of pleasing. All our relation. During sex, my wife loves to masturbate her clitoris often. I am not against that. We have a lot of toys. We use...
  3. 4

    The Most Erotic Threesome

    When I was young, I had a period when I was looking for myself, trying to understand who I am, and what I wanted in life. I worked without rest and saved some money. Then I decided to travel around the country, hoping that the road and new places would give me something new to understand. I...
  4. Hung black pipe on a Friday night🤪

    Hung black pipe on a Friday night🤪

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  5. Young cum anyone🙈

    Young cum anyone🙈

    I been thinking of making a compilation of my cumshots what do y’all think?
  6. Had a great time with this Hotwife.

    Had a great time with this Hotwife.

  7. danilol

    Wife's First Cuckold Date

    My first marriage fell apart because my wife didn't accept me. I've been into cuckold for a long time, but she flatly refused to try it. Then gradually we divorced. I remarried a couple of years later to a young woman Ann, I was 43, and she was 25. She was obsessed with sex. I didn’t even do...
  8. P

    How I Got My First BBC

    I was studying at the university when the first real sex story with bbс happened to me. That summer before, I didn't have much fun seeing other girls. I did not have a permanent relationship, so in the last month I decided to relax as much as possible and plunge into adventure and fun by...
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    Pawg hotwife loves riding big black cock!

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    Haven’t posted in so long…but I’m back Chicago! It’s summer time! If your female or couple please hit me up I’m in the Skokie area I’m young and hung my birthday is literally next month but I wanna have fun this summer nasty bad wet and maybe dark haha kinda summer, no cares in the world but fun...
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    A Naked Boat Trip

    This story about my first naked boat trip took place several years ago. It was the event that marked the beginning of my freedom. Thanks to that naked boat trip and later life, my husband and I still have hot sex and adore each other 😍. As well as our best friends. On that beautiful summer...
  13. Turner Falls Quickie

    Turner Falls Quickie

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  14. D

    Any Illinois couples or singles free today???

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    Right before I enter the pretty pussy

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    Verified Verify as a Real Person Here - Programmed2Plz

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    Big black cock in Montreal

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