Bulls, Ever had a bi submissive friend?

Have you ever had a bi sub friend?

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Fellow Bulls this is for you... Others feel free to comment.

Have you ever had a bi sub friend? I realized that I now have one and its amazing.

I met this guy on another forum who was local to me that wanted me to fuck his gf for him. We hung out a couple times prior watching football and talked about life, relationships and the likes and I came to find he's actually a good dude. So he finally felt fine with me fucking his girlfriend and he wanted very little involvement other then watching and light participation. After a couple episodes they eventually broke up ( they had issues, not because of me) and she and I still maintain a healthy FWB relationship.

Since they broke up my buddy has been on a mission to bring me pussy to fuck. I've now fucked his female best friend a couple times, two of his co workers, one of his ex girlfriends, and he's lined up a new girl for me this weekend. All gorgeous white women. This has all been over the past 6 months or so. And I continue to maintain fwb relationships with all of them. Which is very very fun for me.

This guy is better then a wing man. I asked him why he does it and he says he's envious of my dick and after the first time he saw his now ex take it the first time he wanted to see every woman he knew fuck me. I said, absolutely they're lucky they have you as a friend.

Bulls have you ever had this type of friendship? Cucks and sissy's you may share your thoughts as well.