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Husbands - have you ever sucked a black cock in front of your wife?

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  1. CuckoldCouple

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    Yes. I thought it was going to be one of those situations where he sits and jerks off while the wife gets it from me. He had talked up a good story,saying how he likes to see her being pleased by black men with big cocks and how much it makes her happy.

    Well, that didn't last long. While I was sitting on the sofa getting my cock sucked by her, he sat in the chair stroking his own cock. She was giving me some great head when she stopped and said how good it was and that he should come over and try it too. She looked at me and asked"OK?" I really didn't know how to say no and keep the mood going, so I said OK.

    He got out of his chair and came over on his knees, between my open legs. She held my cock as he put his lips around it and started sucking it. They have obviously done this before. I was already in, up to my neck, so I started to swim and enjoy it. They took turns sucking on my cock until she made him stop, so she could sit on it. She rode my cock then leaned forward and told him to lick her ass. He licked her hole and my cock as she slid up and down on it.
    She started bucking wild and was cumming. I let it go at the same time and filled her with a huge load. When she got off my cock, she just moved up a bit. The husband said my cum was flowing out of her and dove right in and ate her pussy, lapping up my cum from her.

    He also gave my limp cock a few licks too, which began to bring it back to life. She pushed him away and got off of me. Without a break, she went right to sucking my cock again.

    When I was fully hard again, she got on her back and had me fuck her again, missionary. He was still hard and was watching from his chair stroking away. As we were fucking, we heard him moan and we turned to see him cumming all over himself. That sort of set off a chain reaction and she came again. I told her I was going to cum again and she took my cock and made me cum on her clit. She stroked out another huge load right onto her clit, then told her husband to come over and lick it off.

    I didn't try to overthink it after it was over. It made them happy and I wasn't any the worse for the wear.

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  2. wanabecucked

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    I would lick my wife as she is getting fucked.