Blacked and I love it

Sandra here. Married white wife. I decided I needed to try BBC after a girlfriend just couldn't stop talking about it. Hubby does not know. I hooked up with a guy this weekend, the most wonderful black guy you can imagine. Hubby was away on business and I spent the weekend being introduced to the pleasures of being fucked by my new bull. I have never before enjoyed being fucked so much. My bull rules.

Janice K

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Welcome to the club Sandra.. It's always exciting to hear about another white woman like yourself who has found the pleasures of being fucked by a black man. I can relate to how you "never before enjoyed being fucked so much". My first time was an experience that far exceeded all my expectation and similar to your story, my husband was out of town at the time and I was able to spend the whole weekend with him also. We should chat sometime..