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Dec 21, 2014
Sep 7, 2014
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Princess Rina

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I love Big Black Men. Nothing else turns me on. I want my pure Swedish pussy bred by Cole Black African cock. Sep 7, 2014

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Dec 21, 2014
      I love how you think!!! I'd love to fuck with you, lez you out, and own you one day!
    2. Roy Randall
      Roy Randall
      Hi sweet, white boi under your feet...
    3. WhiteMaleCougar
      I think a Black Woman could tame your beautiful White Ass!
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      2. white sub for blacks
        white sub for blacks
        a black man or woman can always tame a white man or woman!
        Jul 30, 2015
    4. SeeMeCumming
      Swedish you say... sounds exotic!
    5. hotjen
      well said hun ive been taken by african men and they know how to use us white girls
    6. Worshypper
      HelIo, I am a bit far of be sissy boy but I have a body would be useful which attracs men (yesterday a black friend harassed me :-o . ok I am a white boy with tits!!) and Misty tease me on like her bullied hubby. She loves reminding me. We are the best friends and I support her for ever. I am proud doing it in a great marital intimacy. She is the Mistress in charge. I would be like very happy if she marry me,Greets
    7. ThomasJM7
      I love your postings Princess Rina and I agree with you 100 % Black men are in all ways superior to white boys like myself, I wish you all the best and I hope you are enjoying all the black cock you can handle, please keep posting cucks like me enjoy it! !
      Nice, I like your attitude to being blacked.
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    10. bbcworship2013
      hej på deg :)
    11. expatdad
      You should enquire of the African embassies in Stockholm if they need help/volunteers. You might get introduced to a very active circle of African diplomats who are very interested in willing Swedish pussy...
    12. cuck in chastity
      cuck in chastity
      I love all your posts. Keep it up :)
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    13. tstud
      Rina got bull who wants thats swedish pussy in us
    14. tstud
      You want breeding, love too,write name ,all over u(Tstud 's fucked)
    15. xpatblack
      hey hun
      Swedish women are so hot
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    16. shocked
      Princess Rina, you are truly a wonderful person. I hope that you give your country many beautiful and very dark black babies. I hope that you will also encourage your government to give more asylum visas to men from the African countries with the darkest skin so that wonderful Swedish girls like you can teach the other Swedish girls about the importance and joys of being black bred.
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      2. shocked
        Women deserve the best of both nature and nurture. I cannot offer the best of nature the way that a strong, very dark, virile, and masculine alpha black man can. But with lots of love and hard work, I can be useful as an excellent nurturer. That's what I'd love to give to a beautiful woman.
        Oct 26, 2014
      3. Devon Miles
        Devon Miles
        You can give a black woman a half Asian baby and also a white woman unless you are saying that children born with parents of that mix are some how inferior or sub human which is extremely racist, I have black and white female friends that are married to Asian men and also white males friends that are married to black and Asian women are you telling me you are against this?
        Oct 27, 2014
      4. Devon Miles
        Devon Miles
        As I said before was born in Africa have been back many times yes their are some very strong black alpha males out their but by no means is every black man an alpha male compared to others their are strong males in every race thats a fact, seems to me you are judging entire races based on your view's about your own capability's
        Oct 27, 2014
    17. BadJay
      Im looking for a sexy white princess to breed! my sperm is potent :-)
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    18. hotjen
      well said hun have had plenty of that xxx
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    19. hampess
    20. hampess
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