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Black College Atheletes


Real Person
In a word: YES.

It's not even fair how easy it is get white pussy while being an athlete in college. I even went to a small college, where everyone knew EVERYONE (about 1,100 students), and I was still pulling girls who didn't care who I fucked as long as they were counted among them. Threesomes weren't even considered special occasions anymore- it was the foursomes.

All because word got out that I had a big dick... and did I mention I didn't even play football OR basketball?

DAMN, those were the days.
I agree with "ThatGuy." My wife went to a mid sized college..she was a college athelete herself. She was not a BBC virgin when when she went as she had dated mostly Black guys throughout H.S. She continued to do so in college and was very very popular with the black atheletes, many of whom she still is in contact with today. She told me storied about friends she made in college that were from small towns and were very BBC curious, my wife, knowing most of the black atheletes on campus intimantely, was more than happy to deliver fresh young white pussy. You would be hard pressed to find a female college student that hasn't tried at least one black cock while she was in school.
Being a college athlete myself 2004-2007 I have to agree as well...the multitude of white women that there are on campus 85% of them was all about hooking up with a black guy...but being a black guy and athletic Omg..win or lose u could always count on ur fans on and off the field to do whatever it took to relieve u off stress or excess energy lol ...them were the days...I use to get in trouble every practice cus the coaches would see so many girls wearing my football sweats or shorts after a long night of fucking.
They sure do. I saw several 7-8 inch black softies since I did my work study in the athletic department. I culd not believe it at first I thought it was only in porn, but wow I saw some amazing black cocks. They got white girls all the time, I talked a girl who confirmed that one had a full 12 inch erection and she came on it a half dozen times. Another time I went to visit my girlfriend, and the blone in the dorm nextdoor was getting it on with a one for 45 minutes strait. I got a great education about bbc there to say the least.

Hedonist Ninja

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Yeah. If you want to know the answer: If course! Down in South Bend that was and is the case. I see many white gals, tiny and cute little things, with the ball players from the schools in Chicago and the suburbs.

There is two strengths going for them:

They are the heroes of the school and the representatives in many ways. That gives them status for the 'tribe' that is a college and it's community and sports teams. They are visible and popular for what they do.

The whole black myth and black mystique (big cock and lady killer in bed) factor get tossed in too.

Many black athletes are tall, big and strong and all have to be fit or conditioned.

So many other factors kick in. Age of sexual experimentation is normally college age (first round anyway) so trying IR can be part of that, freedom of being away from home and parents, parties all the time for it to happen, other women who get the dick and spread the word, excuses that she is not a slut for doing it and it is just a college experience phase and so on.

I put in the last one since there is a stigma of women who enjoy sex openly at times. That still does exists today. The fact is she could be a life long BBC lover from her first taste in college.

All those factors play into the black college athlete having a long list of willing white girls to fuck when he wants and as he wants to pick from.
Totally true... I went to a small catholic university and the black athletes got tons of white girls. For me it's when I realized that the brothers liked my ass. I dated a black basketball player for a while but we never slept together Plenty of kissing and petting but nothing more. 16 years later damn I regret not letting him fuck me.

Hedonist Ninja

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Totally true... I went to a small catholic university and the black athletes got tons of white girls. For me it's when I realized that the brothers liked my ass. I dated a black basketball player for a while but we never slept together Plenty of kissing and petting but nothing more. 16 years later damn I regret not letting him fuck me.
Okay. Would anyone like to hear about some literally scandalous interracial sex at a very (back then anyway) Catholic major university?

I was not going to tell this before. Now that you know I am real, insomuch as anyone online here can be assessed, I will let this tale be told so you. Know that is is credible.

I want to start off by saying I know as much as anyone the story grows by telling and retelling. The parts I personally had direct knowledge of and the deeds I participated in I can share and those are 100% correct and not a jot off. Even at the time when I heard the bits and parts from the real version of what transpired I was a touch skeptical. I would question some parts and even tell others I think a few of them were taking the story and running with it. I can't call total BS but I felt there was some puffery.

Knowing what I have done in the years since then myself and the fact that my main source, one who was working within the ND administration, I still know and he is forever a standup guy makes me feel alright about telling this. Her name, the first woman in a major line of scandals, was in the papers all over the place at the time; I fear not getting sued for slander or anything.

Also, as I will point out, not all of what took place with the group sex and the giving the gifts of hot white women could be linked to the one who took the fall for her own misdeeds. So much is related however by the theme that sex, IR sex, can and does scandalize an institution, even in modern days, when the matter is broken to the public.

I will say the woman, 100% wrong in stealing money, was just the public fall guy for a lot of the more in depth IR sex scandals that kept being active. There is a whole army but only the general gets punished for war crimes afterward. The school is very large and rich and powerful too. Most universities of that kind are and I will say much spin and pressure was used to stop the story from being bigger then it was on a national level even. IR fucking with certain outcomes is never good press to advertise your school by.

I can write volumes at the end of my life about scandals and cover ups in government, in corporate life and in international business. Most of the time it is due to someone stealing something and more often is it just due to the face someone had her legs spread or someone had his dick out when that was not supposed to be.

I want to always point out that ND is a big school. As it says in the bible, 'the left hand should not know what the right is doing'. Many students, so much behinds the scenes and so much off campus taking place makes it understandable how this stuff can go on and on in different forms, both small and large.

I need to clarify that I was never a ND basketball nor ND football player. As for my athletics there or elsewhere, don't pry and I am not saying. Shit, I knew enough of those on the teams however. Also my best friend at the time was selling veterinarian steroids to many of the players on the football team. White guys buying mostly. The coaching and other staff were never included in the deals nor did they know. Still, I am sure they in theory were aware.

I was out in 2001. School does not last forever. Still, the drama before, during and post these events kept going even after the story broke at the eve of the millennium and the matter, as the papers said, should have been over. Sex makes waves that don't quite down and with IR sex there are always more people making those waves then just the ones who get noticed publicly.

1999 and the world is in it's prime. Notre Dame was, where it is now, in South Bend IN. Fighting Irish.

Let me give you a name to Google: Kimberly Dunbar

I will save you a Google search, see these links:






As you can read Kim stole over a million dollars and she even had sex with students. That is too bad and that is a scandal.

We all know the media would never lie to the public and the media only tells the whole and compete truth with zero omissions. Right?

Here is what was on purpose left out of the story. Kim did have sex with students. However those students were only black athletes. Kim did not just have sex with them, she would get gang fucked by them in locker rooms. She would suck off six or more in a row, so long at they were black. Only blacks.

Those in the know at time time, like me, got to here this saying “She had more dark meat then the pilgrims at the First Thanksgiving!”

This woman stole over a million dollars! Why? That is a lot of money after all. It was to feed her lust and to flue her black cock addiction. That of other many other white women getting some black joy rod too.

Sound interesting? There is more. Kim had biracial babies from a few of her studs. That seems to have been left out of the papers. How odd?

The reason is was left out was that Kim was, allegedly, not the only white lady to birth a black baby. What if I told you many white wives were enjoying black student cock and in many cases black student athlete cock? Now if I said that these white women were in their 30s and 40s and very pretty, would that shock you? Some of those women were pigs however, just a few. I have to be honest! Most were hot or very cute from what I saw indirectly.

Now if I may share that more then a few of these women did not let their husbands know nor have approval to do this? Some did, many were just cheating sluts too. Many women it seemed were on the pill, others got the gift of motherhood visited onto them. I know how that last one happened so very often.

If you say “They were fucking Ninja! That is why” you'd be correct. I will give the very potent reason why in just a bit. It blew my mind at the sexual talents of some of the black cocksman.

ND sas some very powerful and successful alumni. Men in many areas of life and with many successful business. White men in many, but not all by a long shot, cases. I am sure they were not going to be happy with their cheating wives. Also those still in the dark, while the dark was in their wives, would not be happy to find out what network was playing around and making this happen.

It was never the school, ND, itself. It was boosters and other 'contributors' who set this up. Still, they had free passes from the school and were using school connections and resources. The story grows to new areas when I talk about the other boosters.

I can't pin the last part directly to Kim. Funny how one person would be able to do so many tasks, these and others I will share soon enough. Sad really, since everyone knows it, that a lone white woman who was a black cock whore took the public fall for what was a larger happening. Her money was the stolen loot but so much more money flowed into those fun sex games, and others, from legitimate means.

Black athletes need zero help to get pussy. I knew my share of the black athlete scholars there. All were very cool from my dealing with them. I will say the “scholar” part for at least half of them was a lie! Some were just dumb! We are all being honest here right? Many of the white jocks too, not all however, were that way as well so don't get mad!

Black athletes need zero help to get white pussy. That is the truth! Still, as I said ND is a very big school and the one hand does not know what the other does. There are so many students, half girls of course, and so many schedules and so many cliques and so many commitments that not everyone can have an opportunity for everything. By opportunity, I mean for pretty white girls to try out and service black dicks.

Some of the boosters would set up what can be thought of as a harvest. White girls, only hot ones, would be recruited to try some BBC. Now the only way that would work was if it was other girls doing the hinting, the prepping, the persuading and the arraigning. Known BBC sluts would be the boots on the ground and find out who might be interested and who could be talked into that adventure.

That does not sound all that bad. Shit like that happens a bit in college dorm life. Yet, I can mention this was not to take place at a dorm by the hot BBC virgins would be transported to party at bars, all expenses paid, and then get fucked at off campus private venues. A few lucky black athletes would get rewarded with many new, fresh pussies to break in. So many women became hooked on BBC then after.

Even that is not too bad, right? Well, what if it were known it was not just the existing black athletes but sometimes potential black athletes? You know, send out the your High School start to tour the campus and see what playing ball for ND can be like? That last one is just a rumor, still I have my judgment on it. First time sex with a BBC for the white girls. ND could not be all bad a choice for a school uh?

I can tell you personally that no man forgets his first time when he lost his V-Card or first times getting to ass fuck a girl or first time other wildness like threeways. No man ever forgets taking being a woman's first for some sex act. You took her in ways she was never taken by other men before. That is a powerful hook!

Now, ND has a seminary program. That is the school were men learn to be priests and enter religious life. The men in that program were to start living as the religious order commands and be celibate, focused and on task.

Among certain parts of the ND female student body there was a certain respect to be had if a girl was hot enough to tempt a man enrolled in seminary school away from the cloth. So many women would flirt with those guys and offer them sex. Mostly all women were shot down. The guys were not hot nor otherwise the type of men for who coeds would drop their panties for mind you.

One known BBC slut was a real stunner. I would have loved to have that bombshell in my bed. She was able to get one seminary student to sleep with her. She fucked him a few times. Soon after it seems he renounced his dedication to the order and felt that he should change his time in school to being on a secular path. It seems God no longer called that man to come into the priesthood.

God has a wicked sense of humor. I said it, this girl was a BBC only whore. She left him right after her mission was complete. She went right back to being a fuck doll for only the penises of hung black men. He thought she wanted to be with him as his girlfriend! She just wanted to win the contest with the other girls and prove her hotness. So funny!

Do you wonder how awesome some of these black athletes were in the bedroom? Now the field was another matter, hit or miss for some seasons. I can share this next part with correct knowledge about some black power getting into white college girls.

This one girl I fucked was a real keeper. She was one of the hottest college blondes I had there. I wanted to do her more but we were on opposite schedules. I only was able to fuck her twice. The other time I just got a blow job. That was when I met her by surprise at the Barnes & Nobel. I got a blow job in her car while we were in the parking lot. About 3 PM then and the strip mall was still busy across the street.

The second time I fucked her she told me about some of the party games from a few weekends back. We were taking a break, she was a bit sore, and I told her about some of her friends I had done. When you are college age, that is no big deal and not uncommon. I was telling her about her friend's oral skills, or lack of them, and so on.

Most wild fuck parties are off campus. There is much off campus housing in South Bend. Many complexes, a hundred to a few hundred kids living there during the week and on the weekend it can be a few hundred more and up to a thousands party goers per each complex! Wild!

This girl wound up in a room with many other white girls and a few black ND football players. While this girl was sucking many cocks and then later being fucked the girl next her her was getting it missionary. The girl told me the one player fucked the other girl for 30 minutes straight and then came in her.

He pulled out and was still hard, so she said. He took another girl and fucked that new one for another half hour. He came in this one and pull out, still hard and said for another girl to lie down! She said the player remarked he could go even longer but he was choosing to come so he could get more pussy! Each girl was pounded hard, the one telling me shared, and was left spent! Wow!

The girl was now being fucked crazy good by her own black football player and soon he was ready to come. She told me he reminded him before they began to fuck to not come in her. He came in her and said he forgot. He had her suck his cock clean and then had another white girl sucking on his still slick black cock as the girl left.

She said the other player was now on his fourth different girl and was thrusting into her so hard it it was impressive. White women were lining up and all making comments of encouragement!

The girl said she went to the bathroom to get the slime out of her. When she did the best she could, she left but could not get back to that fuck fest. Another black guy intercepted her and took her, she was naked she said, outside and down the top level walkway to another room. He fucked her there and inside were two white guys. She said she blew them both and the black was taking her doggy.

I feel good since she then told me she just wanted to finish off the two white guys and focus more on the fucking she was getting from the other black guy. When I fucked her she would also tell me how great my cock felt. A woman can lie with her words but her body and the reactions of her pussy cannot deceive! I sort of laughed she said she wanted to just get the white guys to come and be done with them. Made me know how her pussy would spasm and grip my dick when I made her come from fucking.

I was jerking off my cock by the time she ended her recounting of that night. I was hard and I tossed another fuck into her, sore or not, since she turned me on so much by her telling what took place!

I was still uncertain about so much regarding sex at that age. You can see from the tale she told me that those black players, some of them at least, were super cocksmen! No wonder those white wives got knocked up if even a few of the black studs were working over their pussies with that sort of force. The pill has limits!

It was luck or fate that I made some of the friends I did. When I was bored I befriended a staff member in the ND administration. That was a bit odd but I am glad I did! The man was 13 years my senior and he was the one who turned me on to swinging. I fucked my share of women who were group sex junkies and swingers in IN and MI thanks to him, while I was still in school. We also did strippers from MI together. In IN you can't buy booze on Sunday, so off to MI then. Matters at times got out of hand from there...

I knew I could get college women, my own age then, but I was in shock that getting great sex and so much of it could be so easy. I was stunned that there were (and are) so many women who want to fuck, so long as you are a decent guy and can perform in bed. It is all about the connection, but it can take place when you both know the other wants sex so fast and then sex just kicks off!

This guy was my inside line to much of the real stories about the shit going down, good and bad, with the schools. I was unsure what to make of it then. He told me it was just part of the world of men and women and later I could confirm he was right. Through this guy and my roommates I met some locals who were into other matters. The steroid deals and some even more crazy shit I won't put in print.

I got the dirt on other matters and I later on even got some more pussy from what this administration connection was able to open my eyes to.

Now... If you know South Bend you know there are a few schools there besides ND. IUSB and some smaller religious schools. I don't want to type about one other religious one since that is not IR and it involves only me. Lets just say I was confronted by a pissed father that I “made” his girl into a bisexual.

He would have been pleased to know that his innocent angel was at least still a virgin. She was saving her pussy for only her husband's cock (whoever he might be). I respected that and I only fucked her mouth and her asshole. She learned to orgasm from anal alone, and I think I insured her future husband a long and happy marriage with his new also loves pussy bride.

Her dad never thanked me! Rude! He never knew about that of course.

The other school of note is St Mary's. Right behind the Inn at St Mary's (never fuck there, no one does and it is over priced. More on that later) that is the all girls school, part of the Notre Dame complex.

Yes, this leads us to some more BBC stories. IR sex seems to penetrate, pun or not, so many aspects of college life.

I liked the cafeteria at St Mary's (SM) for a few reasons. Better food and mostly more healthy food too.
Of course all the women there too was the other nice reason. I was there when the dress code for girls going into the caf was changed. Many girls would go in wearing swimwear, one or two piece suits. Nice view!

Then there are those wooly feminist 'I am woman!' sorts. Those girls would come in with their bikini bottoms overfilled with unshaven pussy hair! You would have thought it was the 70s and not the late 90s. Yeah, not a good image for the school when the many visitors where stopping in. Girls had to have shorts or pants from then on to eat there.

Many of the SM girls were decent and not oversexed. Many were virgins or at least not super promiscuous or else had a boyfriend. Not that wild nor crazy. Still many ND boys would come in the back way (a road literally) and events would kick off. So many SM girls would to go the ND events and to off campus wild times too.

One Belle (mascots for the school hence calling the students Belles) was a known black cock slut. She would please black men with both hands and all three holes. Very, very pretty girl. I got to enjoy her however. She would blow white guys if they were cool and packing, since she did like oral. I fucked her throat at least six different times.

I did not know her back story however. That is where my pal in administrations was of use. Seems this devoted BBC slut was really, at one time, not into black men. Her positions was that is was great to have friends of all races but that having black men as lovers or boyfriends was just not right. There needed to be separation.

In all fairness, she never had a black boyfriend. She would just get the snot fucked out of her by so many blacks! She would drain their black spunk and want more! She used to be a girl with a very set principle that black man and white woman sex was not normal and that was the end.

Seems she was turned out. It in fact was one of her teachers, an older white woman, who made that switch possible. The student girl talked about her views on the matter a few times in papers she wrote and the older woman made an arraignment, I don't know what nor the details, to show this young beauty the error of her thinking. Think it worked well?

What I do know is the outcome! The honey was a living black owned sex toy! Wow! That time was having some controversy at SM about the Vagina Monologues being allowed to have a performance there. I think the bigger story was the teacher and secret her ability to impart some lessons, IR ones, outside the class room. Don't want that to be in all the papers.

This was not rampant nor overly frequent. Still it did not happen isolation either I came to learn.
This made total sense to me when I look back on it. Best not to get too on the radar. The teacher was older, for sure, but still not awful looking. She must have been a real beauty in her day.

Of the ten cases I knew of this assisted awakening, by the learned elder woman in a position of authority, every girl was very, very nice looking. Why waste time on the plump and plain ones? Makes the issue even hotter to know a few of the women were opposed to IR and a few were over overt racists before. That adds a pop, then it did and now it still does! A woman's mind changed by what went between her legs. The credit does to the teacher in those cases.

There were some good, all true, tales about about SM and some sexual conquests. These did involved some white men getting ass and many times a story of a virgin entering into womanhood or a group sex virgin learning more can be merrier. White guys can fuck and have wild times too.

I like the few tales, I knew the black guy telling them, that involved his crossing over into SM and having some late night fun. He helped more then a few BBC virgins charge their status. I laughed when the boasted of the four virgins, not just BBC virgins but just never had cock virgins, he broke into.

I got to tease the piss out of him often since I saw later that two of these women were ugly as shit! It stood even since the other two virgin white women were so adorable and sexy little things. Lucky dude to be their first. I think for certain the phrase 'He ruined her for all other men to follow' applied to the one. She was now sexually active, black and whites as lovers, but she seemed oddly wanting to be the with black guys more.

My last tale, that I care to put onto the internet, is one of suspense. I meant that since I did not know, and still don't, how it ended.

ND had a killer law school. That was the place to be, one of them, in the ending 90s for a nice career path later on. This Belle was the boyfriend of a law student. He was from a great family, I know the name by reputation, and he was on track to get a job at his pick of firms when he got his degree. This assumes he'd pass the bar but that was a given.

The Belle got a proposal from the guy. She said yes and all is happy; her mother knew and was overjoyed. Matters can fast change!

I don't know how it happened but the rumor was another girl on her floor was getting some BBC and not being quite about it when the sex was happening. Gee, white chicks make noises of passion when being dicked by BBC? Really?

Some girls have a wild side and want to try new things. I was told nothing happened the first few times but there was some curiosity and it seems this fiancee got some black dick.

Then she got other black dicks. Her friend and her roommate, both sluts and not BBC only sluts but just sluts, got her on birth control. Wisely. She was not on it before. I fucked her roomie a few times, if you must know.

Shit gets out of hand when it comes to limits and college reasoning. Men and women make excessive choices. Those can start a line of consequences many can't foretell from the start. I shall explain.

There are many motels and hotels in South Bend. Only two at that time were hourly however. Gays from ND would go there and many local hookers and locals would also use the sleazy motel. Those hourly rate flop houses would also be used for small sex parties by studies since the dorms were not the best call and off campus housing during weekdays were not a good fit.

Again, not too often but it does happen. People knew where to go to do the real nasty shit. Gang bangs and group fucks need a roof over head.

Yes. She got her snowflake body fucked and filled by blacks. Bareback gangbang. Anal and pussy creampies and such. DP. You get the image.

Her fiance found out and called the nuptials off. Now... Since she had never been on birth control before, her mom found out she was now on the pill when she went home.

That lead to some drama. Then mom finds out about the break up soon after. Mom files in (on a airplane if you think I meant something else). Mom confronts daughter and it gets heated.

I don't know what was discussed but I heard, third hand at this point, it was a bit like

“I did not send you here to become a whore!”
“I sent you here to get married to a good man” That one is the reason many Belles are there, to get good ND professionals in training to be their spouses.

“You need to think of your future!”

It seems mommy forbid the girl to every see blacks and the girl was ordered to get back with her would be lawyer husband NO MATTER WHAT IT TOOK! That was how it stood.

Far as I knew, the girl did swear off blacks and was begging to be taken back. How did it end? Like I said 2001 and I am done. I don't know.

I did see the mother of the boy who was in law-school then at a higher end social function. Like I said, the family is well known.

Blacks are 12% of the USA's population. They seem to fuck an awful lot and at times that fucking sure does fuck up and awful lot of prim and proper best laid plains. It takes two to play the game and I don't need to say what role the white women all seem to willingly play in these matters. Did I say scandals?

I won't start on MI events and how some college bucks tore the pussy of a white female executive who works for one those automotive companies with a name you might know of. Yes tore! She wanted a double vaginal fuck and they gave it to her. The was bleeding like she had a episiotomy. Still she loved it.

Her friend, also her coworker, thought my cock in her ass was mildly uncomfortable at first. She learned to really love it soon rough. When we started and she was lightly protesting I just reminded her to look over at the bed next to ours and the fact the woman there was still begging for a cock in her.

Texas A&M? I had fun there too. While a judge was on the bench giving sentences to men, black and white, who were crooks and scums bags and who broke the rules of society, what was his little pretty girl doing? Having first time anal sex with my black roommate! College towns...

White guys, heed my notice:

When you send your pretty white daughters off to college: There is a greater then 60% chance that you are sending them off to get a black cock thrusting between her creamy spread things!

I don't want to hear “You did not warn us Ninja!” Fairly warned be thee says I. Ninja has given you heads up.

Hedonist Ninja

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They sure do. I saw several 7-8 inch black softies since I did my work study in the athletic department. I culd not believe it at first I thought it was only in porn, but wow I saw some amazing black cocks. They got white girls all the time, I talked a girl who confirmed that one had a full 12 inch erection and she came on it a half dozen times. Another time I went to visit my girlfriend, and the blone in the dorm nextdoor was getting it on with a one for 45 minutes strait. I got a great education about bbc there to say the least.
45 mins? Is that no so fucking hot to listen to?!

Women can't filter any dishonesty form the real noises they make when getting fucked right. No Harry Met Sally shit. It is so often like they are yelping to catch their breaths in between yowling with joy from the thrusting.

I have made many women emote those sounds. I also love when I used to catch my neighbors, both Mexican, white and black, having their sex sounds escape from behind their apartment doors when I lived in a certain apartment complex.

I always knew when the black guy two doors down had white chicks over and not just his usual black girlfriend! The oh so sexy sounds the white women would make were fucking undeniable and wonderful. Worth it to hang in the hallway for an extra 60 seconds at times to get an earful.

Hedonist Ninja

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In a word: YES.

It's not even fair how easy it is get white pussy while being an athlete in college. I even went to a small college, where everyone knew EVERYONE (about 1,100 students), and I was still pulling girls who didn't care who I fucked as long as they were counted among them. Threesomes weren't even considered special occasions anymore- it was the foursomes.

All because word got out that I had a big dick... and did I mention I didn't even play football OR basketball?

DAMN, those were the days.
AAA School I bet.

1100 Students? Half female... Take out the ones who are not hot or who have mental blocks on sex or other reason why not... 4 Years...

I range you had between 70-160 different white women on your cock if the word got out about the talent in your pants around the mid to end of your freshman year.Is this so? Close or not?

My pal wanted to play football but was too physically small to doing anything serious on field past the high school level. He went to a small school that never had a total student body with a number more then 1400 enrolled. I went to see him some times and man , it was like one of those 60s free love hippie communities you'd read about in an old Life Magazine. Even the midweek nights (Wednesday) had tons of fucking going on.

The only ones new getting any action where the hopeless, the geeks by choice or the party clowns who only wanted to get high or drunk but not laid. The most choice pussy (white girls mostly) when to the jocks (of course), the few rich kids who were such fuck ups bigger schools would not even take them even with their parents money, and the black guys who were horse hung. The last group, from the small time I was there visiting, seemed to get get first dibs as it were. They oddly seemed always cheerful.

Those smaller groupings of people in the range of 1000-3000 can be gold. Enough to ensure there are hot women but not so large that any positive exposure does not get broadcast. Add in the college age, new freedoms being away from home and parties to kick off the good times... Sex will not just happen but explode!

I heard the Olympic Villages are basically fuck shacks. After one's event is done, the men and women (men and men sometimes too! Not my flavor) go back and, all being the toned hard bodies they are, start to fuck like rabbits until it is time for the closing ceremony and time to head back home.


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Does anyone know how prevalent this is on college campuses today? I'd bet all the major college football powers have lots of white girls throwing themselves at black studs...
In a word: YES.

It's not even fair how easy it is get white pussy while being an athlete in college. I even went to a small college, where everyone knew EVERYONE (about 1,100 students), and I was still pulling girls who didn't care who I fucked as long as they were counted among them. Threesomes weren't even considered special occasions anymore- it was the foursomes.

All because word got out that I had a big dick... and did I mention I didn't even play football OR basketball?

DAMN, those were the days.
i couldn't be more jealous! i bet you've had some beautiful white girls...

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Does anyone know how prevalent this is on college campuses today? I'd bet all the major college football powers have lots of white girls throwing themselves at black studs...
To be blunt... I could not swear eyewitness in a court of law to any modern action in college.

Still, the answer is yes.100% yes.

Your are on a porn forum. Filter for the BS, made up and exaggerated and you are left what real tales from people who are cool with telling them online.These are normally about what took place back in the day.

Now... When I was in school, sure it was Napster days and not the FB and Twitter [Linkedin for IR hook ups too?! LOL! No...] social media landscape. That said, I did not give a fuck to write online to others when I got laid or tell the whole fucking net about some sex happening or sex scandal.People on campus would know if they were in my social circle and at times the major dirt would come out and whole parts of the school might know what student athlete was doing what. Still, in college the "major" dirt is not what you'd think it to be. That is the land of 18-22 year olds, bongs, keggers and hormones on fire anyway.

I am sure outside postings about sex happenings online is NOT the aim of the jock (black or otherwise) nailing all the ass. College ball players who are half way good care more about the slim shot at the pros they can get then all the ass they fuck, as a given, and have been tagging since their high school days in most cases.

College, when you are in it, is insular in many ways. You know there is a whole outside wold, yet you don't see it nor care many parts. You would not want to write to the mass online audience about the white sluts at your school who love BBC football player cock if you are from one school and the chance that any info could be used by your rivals to defame your university could happen. Michigan–Ohio State rivalry in a new context. That and you don't want your folks back home to know and really... You just DON'T GIVE A SHIT AT THE TIME! Very few people in college actively are on boards like this one. Some are, the other 99.5% won't be here and won't be giving real time reports and updates for your reading cum masturbating pleasure.

For me... I wrote up what took place in my late teens and early 20s in college. I did so 10 years on roughly. I have heard many more real tales, IR ones, of college sex craziness. The tale tellers were men and women age 25-35 looking back on what they did or what their roommates or sorority sisters did.

After all: When you are living it and doing it live, who cares to take the time out and write it up for each instance? Only when there is a break in the action does one have time to write the memoirs...

So you may here if today's college IR sex romps in about 4-6 years. That or look online and see the FB pages, and even Youtube vids, of college parties and put two and two together.