Best Interracial I have found in a while

Discussion in 'Interracial Cuckold & Sex Stories' started by gr8hubby, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. gr8hubby

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    I saw this today and could not believe how horny I got imagining this to be my wife.

  2. paulj93

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  3. GQWhiteBoi

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    That dude is a beast
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  4. Curious Wife

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    I like that one very much. The idea of looking up into his eyes as I suck him into my mouth while on my knees, that is a total fantasy.

    My Favorite one however is this one.

    wife-breeding-time-01-540x381.jpg wife-breeding-time-02-540x375.jpg

    The position and the depth you know he got because of it. Just look at her face, you know he is deep and pounding her hard. That is by far my favorite picture.
  5. Interested Couple

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    I dont have a whole lot. Not what you would call a collector. But when I was toying with the idea of encouraging my wife to find a BBC for herself I found these.

    I first showed her this one:


    She loved the look on her face and the color contrast on the white sheets. She also loved the idea of someone with such huge hands wrapping around her chest.

    Then I showed her this one:


    She loved it. She loved the thickness and the size of his huge BBC log. Then she realized where he was putting it. She does not even like anal with me, it hurts to much even with my size. She was dying thinking about what it would do to her.


    Wife-rides-black-dick-02-500x357.jpg Wife-rides-black-dick-01-499x359.jpg

    Those put her over the edge I think. The idea of having her lips tight around a shaft the way her lips are was to much for her. The thought of grabbing a hold of him as she lowered herself down on his BBC , well lets just say if I want something she normally does not want to do, I just have to show her these photos or tell her about them and I get anything I want. She gets so horny thinking about this being her.
  6. Rubyjane mj Macleod

    Rubyjane mj Macleod Member

    Any one or all of them would get to push my button, hot n bothered just watching them!!!
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