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    Last night I saw the how beautiful and right it is for a white woman (my wife Ginger) to worship a huge black cock. She barely goes down on me anymore, but seeing this 11 inch thick black cock pumping her mouth, her gagging and choking happily as he thrust, made me realize that she really has become a bbc slut. She said she could feel him get harder with each thrust, which made her want to suck harder, to please him more. She loved his mushroom head hitting the back of her throat.

    She said my cock is just too small to be fun to suck on...that this huge black cock made her feel like a woman, that she was flattered that this muscular stud would choose her, and would get so hard from her choking and sucking on his cock. She was honored when he pumped his load into her eager mouth, choking again trying to swallow all his cum...she smiled as she took her mouth of his shiny cock, kissing and licking the shaft and head, thankful for his "gift" stung when she walked him to his car, and I saw her kissing him and grabbing his crotch thru the hotel window....she tried unbuttoning his pants, and he grabbed her hands as if to say" enough for tonight"....she was quiet the rest of the night bigsuck.jpg bigsuck2.jpg bigsuck3.jpg
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    can you put here some more action? Thanks
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    Sexy as all hell! She became addickted...