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BBCadmirer Valentines day AVS visit.


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Its a rare occurrence that our children are away and we have the night to ourselves. Even rarer still that it happens on valentines day. BBCadmirer and I started the night out with a nice dinner where she had a bit to drink.... which brings out the bad girl in her. Instead of us spending the night together she though it would be fun to maybe try and hook up with a black male and see where it went. I agreed and off to craiglist we went. Found a guy who wanted to meet at the local adult video store and to make a long story short, BBCadmirer had several Orgasms and more than one cock inside her on Valentines day night.

filling up the car on way to AVS store.

1 (10).jpg

Getting wet and excited on the way:

1 (14).jpg

Applying lube and making sure she is ready in AVS parking lot:

1 (11).jpg

going in:

1 (13).jpg

More to come as I resize and cut faces out of pictures.


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Sorry about the picture quality but there is not much room to move around in these booths.

First she sucked some guy through the hole while I fucked her and put the first load in her:
1 (9).jpg

Then we met with the craigslist BBC. He was short in stature.... but his cock was good sized.

first she sucked him:

1 (1).jpg

Then he spun her around and because she was already wet from my cum and lube, He put a condom on and just started pile driving her. She loved it.

1 (7).jpg

1 (4).jpg

1 (2).jpg

1 (3).jpg

1 (5).jpg

Here he is pulling her tight as he blows his load.

1 (6).jpg

She was kind of drunk and would have fucked every guy there but there where a lot of skanky troll looking guys., so I stepped in and kept them away. Before we left I did let one or the more normal looking guys fuck her ass. He had so much fun that I think it was his first time giving a girl anal.

1 (8).jpg