Approached by other women

Me, our live-in and my husband were out Thursday night when a woman followed me to the bathroom. She asked me if I was romantically involved with the "Black Man" that was with me and my husband. I told her that "the Black Man" was was my primary lover. She then asked what it was like to be with a Black Man. I told her that it is more often than not the best feeling in the world. She then told me that her husband had been asking her to do a 3some.

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Long story short, the couple joined us. Her husband and my husband talked about wife sharing and our live-in got a rubbing from the other wife. The couple came to our house and the wife had the time of her life. The husband did end up sucking our live-in and watching me, our live-in and his wife play. The other husband even got to watch my husband fuck his wife.

After the three of us had played, the other husband admitted that what had occured had been his biggest fantasy ever. The other husband got to see his wife fucked by two other men, one a big cocked Black Man, and he got to suck a BBC. The wife admitted that she'd never had better sex. The wife told us that she'd never thought that sex could be as good as the sex she had with our live-in and then with my husband.

Are there any other women who have had other women approach them like this?


Real Person
I have had other bulls approach me to join them with a cuckold couple at a bar . we went back to their place and fucked her for hours. 3 black cocks that filled her up that day. The hubby must have ate 8 or 9 cream pies. Most fun i had in a while.