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Any White Men Who's Wives or Girlfriends...

know your fantasy but aren't ready to make it a reality yet. What are some of the hottest things they have said or done in bed related to this fantasy?

1) While watching "Tribal Sex Dance" with Claudia VanDamme on Spankwire I was using my wife's 10" black realistic vibrator (we'll call it big stick) on her like a dildo from behind. When the guy in the video starts really fucking her wildly while she's hanging from the ceiling, my wife looked at his thrusting and said, "Ohhh...look at his ass." Then she grabbed the vibrator out of my hand and started to thrust it in and out of her wet pussy very quickly. I took it back from her and kept that pace up. Then she grabbed my cock and tried to push it in her tiny asshole. It wouldn't fit, partly because she has never done anal. She had a massive orgasm.

2) One night I had been messing around with her with the big stick and then I started to fuck my pretty little wife. While I was getting into it she said, "can I fuck the black guy....please baby....can I fuck him please?" Turned me on like crazy.

3) She asked me once if all black guys had huge cocks. I had my own reasons for keeping the myth alive so I said, "I don't know...but what I do know is that 95% of the pictures I download from the internet...the black guys all have big cocks." She said, "oh that's interesting....I'll have to keep that in mind." Then she told me about this woman from her divorced women's group (I'm her second marriage) who was married to a black guy who always cheater on her. My wife said, "she kept going back to him.....I bet the sex was amazing."

4) Just a few weeks ago while I was playing with her pussy I said, "what would you do if there was a black guy in the room right now and his cock hung half way down his leg? Would you be nervous? " She said "no." "Would you be scared?" "No." "What would you be then?" With a slight moan she said, "Interested." Then she went on, "I don't know what it is with guys and all these cock shots. I don't like the look of any cock....If it's a big cock I am not interested in how it looks....I want to know how it feels."

Those are just some of the things she has said. Fun stuff. Interested in hearing yours.