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any advice to me, as a new "cuckold"

In fact, I am not a typical cuckold because my Mistress is not my wife, she is only my friend, as simple as that. She is nice, I love her, but I know I will never be with her, and if I did, I would not be as happy as to be at her bottom.

She has a plan, she wants me to wear a chastity for a long time, and ultimately permanent if she sees fit. However, she is nice and caring.

Being a "cuckold" and wearing a chastity device has been my dream and imagination, always. I am so excited to have this great chance. She gave me a temporary chastity device to test it out and I wore it for
a few days, in a less than a week's time, I couldn't jerk off, I couldn't eat well, work well, sleep well, quality of my life was largely affected. She said to me that reality is always more difficult than imagination, that's why she allowed me time to test it out first.

Yes, it was very difficult, I have tried all my best not to keep calm and try to focus on something else. However, the chastity always reminded that it's here. I told myself it's a rare opportunity in my life. I told myself I did everything just for her happiness. I told myself I should keep on and this would enrich my life. I told myself it would not make me feel better by taking it off and jerking off. However, at the end of day I almost broke down and then i took off the device and jerked off vigorously. I had a big orgasm.

Any tips? Some said after getting through the threshold everything will be fine, you will not want to cum as much as you do in the early stage. Is it real? How long will it take to get through the "threshold"?
Any tips to help me carry on? I will not refuse my Mistress' plan because I like it too. However, it really affects my life so much in chastity. I cannot imagine what it will be like if I am once locked up for two months. I don't know.

Any tips for me?