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I want my wife, nude, in our bed. The room is dimly lit. A large black man stands at the edge of the bed. He is also naked. He is very fit, strong and muscular. His cock is huge, much bigger than mine. I want to watch as my wife reaches out and takes hold of it and slowly strokes it. I want to watch them kiss as she does this. Her lipstick stays on his lips. The scent of her perfume stays on his skin. I want her to look at me as she takes his cock in his mouth and begins to suck it. I want him to play with her wet cunt and excite her. I want her to tell me how much larger he is than I am and how good he is going to feel deep inside her. I want to watch as they fuck. I want to hear her scream for more and cum over and over. I want him to cum inside her pussy after a long, erotic fuck. I want to lick them both clean when they are done. Am I asking too much?

no but it may be just as much fun if the guy has an average cock or is even not black say maybe indian, if you are flexable your sexual fantasies are much easier achieved
nice cock dickofva we had some like that in Atlanta, Charleston and Philly , my 5 ft 1 100 lb wife rode her way south lol. my mouth was stretched and tired by the time we got home
I like the pic but usually the cock has more cum on it and the balls are often covered with mixed cum. Sex is usually much more messy than in the videos and cleaning up takes lots of licking and often involves the ass