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Always wanted to be cucked.

When I became involved in my very first serious relationship I knew my girlfriend had been with a black guy. Eventually I became fascinated with the idea of her being stretched out by a thick black guy. Most of the time when she bent over doggy style for me I would imagine a black cock as thick as a water bottle prodding her delicate lips. I knew she had already been spoiled rotten by her previous well hung lovers.

She knew I was into gang bangs and especially interracial double penetration. Often I would see where she viewed my search history and she viewed just not one or two images but almost all of them. I suppose I was too embarrassed to tell her my fantasy of watching her being completely filled like she deserved.

She has now had a black baby and is engaged to a black guy at the moment. Honestly I want to tell her that I want to watch her and her fiance together over webcam or to send me a file of a recording. If she won't do it with him I suppose it would be even hotter if the bull was a stranger.

She was kind of a bbw, redhead, pale skin, large double D's with a tramp stamp above her big butt. Not sure if I'm allowed to post pics here but I knew she wanted blacked all the time and the guys wanted to blow their seed inside her any chance they got. After 5 years of us being together she was impregnated about 2 months after our breakup. My fantasy came true but I just wish I could have seen it. She always was pretty slack about condom use.

When we would role play she always told me she wanted the stranger in her pussy and me in her ass. I suppose she figured the other guy would be bigger and feel her up better. I guess I really need to muster up the courage and ask her to put on a show for me until then I'm on here fantasizing.