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All what an unsatisfied woman is able to do!


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I've mencioned on differente post that I had had a crossed-breed boyfriend beside my ex black boyfriend.
He was not a good man because he was an infidel partner, but over the bed he was amazing.
One night that we had gone to dance, he took a lot of whisky and I come back to my house with my boyfriend drunk. I begged him to have sex but he refused to make it in a violent way. I went to bed crying because I was not able to be rejected.
The next morning he apologized with me but we had not sex. I was a little excited but I didn't beg him again.
Two days after that, I knew that he had been going out with another girl and I turned crazy. I went to his house and we had a discussion where he must to admit that he had been seeing another girl.
Then, I kicked his balls falling him over the floor. (lucky for him I was wearing sandals and not boots). When he was on the floor groaning I kicked again several times and claped his face two or tree times too.
I still was feeling angry, so I threw away all the things over the room's table and walked to the front door from the house to go away. When I passed beside his bookcase, I took it with both of my hands by one of its sides and placed one of my feet over the wall. I tugged of it and the bookcase was separated from the wall falling over the floor with a big crash.
The next week he came back to my house to beg me that I forgive his mistake. I took him over my motorbike to hotel and fucked him twice: one into the jacuzzi in doggy style and the other over the bed in missionary with my legs warpped around him. I cummed twice removing all my excitation off from my body.
I knew that he couldn't leave me because I made him everything that he wish, but despite it and the incredible way wich he made me cum, I left him because I couldn't put confidence over him.

What have you been able to do when a man refused to fuck you?