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Abbey entertains a client


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image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg My hubby Jeremy told me he was bringing an important client home for dinner and I should look good. He was a very attractive Brazilian man named Carlos with a sexy accent that had me turned on instantly. He was openly hitting on me all night and I could see Jeremy was getting uncomfortable. As I sat across from Carlos I could see him staring at my big natural tits which I had pushed waaaay up. I slipped my heel off and ran my foot up his leg till I could feel his cock straining against his pants. He became much more forward in his comments and I became very receptive. Jeremy was trying to hold back, so I finally relieved his tension when I put my hand on his cheek and told him I was going to close this deal for him. He looked puzzled until I stood up and grabbed Carlos by the hand and placed it up my skirt so he could feel my wet pussy. As his fingers probed inside me, my hubby just sat there in shock. This wasn't my first time with another man, but it was the first time I cucked my husband. I led Carlos to our room and shut the door in Jeremy's face. He immediately tore my dress off of me and began to ravage my body. I was his willing white slave as he fucked my throat and pussy in so many depraved ways. I was begging for his jizz by the end and he happily coverd my face and tits in hot sticky cum. He dressed quickly and thanked me for a wonderful evening, opened the door, shook Jeremy's hand and left. As I lay there tied up, blindfolded and covered in another mans seed, my husband leaned over and kissed me deeply on my cum covered mouth and thanked me for what I had done. It was then that I knew I would need to push for my fantasy of becoming a big black cock slut...