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Member, Couple, from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

How this for a body Apr 30, 2017

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    1. Tony williams
      Tony williams
      Hi Guys ...am new to Melbourne from NSW...love to make new friends
      1. wifesharer
        how are u settling in
        Oct 14, 2017 at 2:46 PM
    2. vigboy
      nice long legs show us what you hide between them
    3. JTbbc
      Gorgeous legs x
    4. KritJ
      Her body is phenomenal. I may be in your area soon
    5. wifesharer
      How this for a body
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      2. brethard
        May 1, 2017
    6. Melbtraveller
      Hey guys. We are in Melbourne.. couple looking for afro american also. Haven't had much luck as yet. Any recommendations?
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      2. wifesharer
        yes , get on redhot pie and look up bbcmandingo , danny is your man ..huge cock fit body , nice guy but message me again and we will tell u all about our exp
        Apr 27, 2017
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    7. wifesharer
      OHH What a night , wife had her best biggest bbc on the weekend ..amazing exp
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    8. wifesharer
      Ok guys hers your chance ..We are in Melbourne on the weekend of the 17th march and seeking a sexy AFRO AMERICAN guy for str8 mfm.
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    9. Tyler Simmons
      Tyler Simmons
      Very sexy!! Great profile!!
    10. Tyler Simmons
      Tyler Simmons
      Very sexy! Great profile!
    11. Barri2012
    12. dmoney
      You so elant and sexie!!
    13. wifesharer
      Looking for fit afro American guy to play with wife in MELB or SYD
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      2. rickmorty1409
        Jun 12, 2016
    14. Chris&Steph
      Nice... good luck guys
    15. wifesharer
      Looking for a sexy Afro American bbc for our visit to Sydney on the 27th . please message with pics if youd like to play with my sexy wife
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    16. jayvilla
      very sexy
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      2. wifesharer
        do you play with cpls often ?
        Dec 8, 2015
      3. jayvilla
        yes i have. want to chat further?
        Dec 8, 2015
      4. wifesharer
        yes email me
        Dec 8, 2015
    17. wifesharer
      After being on btw for a while now it appears me may finally of found a bbc to join us in Melbourne for mfm ..Thanks btw , updates soon
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      2. brethard
        Nov 22, 2015
    18. Bass God
      Bass God
      Yahoo sexy xx
    19. interracial-lover
      I would lick your pussy all night until you cum and then kiss you so you could taste your beautiful pussy cum!!!
    20. Chilliboy
      Hey, im in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne, where are you guys?
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    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    Sexual Orientation:
    Caucasian (white)
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    5'8" (173cm)
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    Well here's our story . Married 18 years , happily . Wife had only ever been with me until 2 months ago , I'd told her of my desire to try 3somes mainly mfm , she loves woman and will 1 day do mff but always said that she didn't think that she could ever fuck another guy . If it happened , she'd say it would have to just happen by chance .
    On a recent trip away we went out for lunch had a few drinks and generally having fun when wife was quite insistent on going back to room and showering and putting on a sexy dress then go out for tea .
    She walked out of bathroom in the dress from our profile ( taken that night ) except this time she had no panties on , I touched her and she was on fire .We had a nice tea and were in cab when she asked driver to take us to the strippers . Watching her walk confidently up the stairs with her bare pussy exposed was so hot , we sat at table closest to the dancers . Wife was getting heaps of attention and before long she was getting a private dance that was not only the sexiest thing I have ever seen but to top it off they kissed at the end .
    She was a little drunk and wanted to go to the bar under our motel , it was really sexy bar and I thought well why not have a quick drink before I take her to room and fuck her .
    When we got to the bar she was chatting to a couple then dancing and then this young guy approached and they started to chat . I went to toilet and when I got back wife said , can DANNY come and have a drink with us in our room , I nearly dropped my drink . We went to room very little chat on the way when we got into room , wife asked what do I do now , I said whatever you want .
    She grabbed Dan I dragged him to bed whilst kissing him and she layed him on top of her , they kissed and she was grabbing at his belt .
    She was pulling him up to her so I ceased the opportunity to remove my clothes and lick her pussy , all the time looking up to see what she was doing . She was grabbing at his cock and he was kicking off his pants , she pulled his cock out and I heard her sigh and looked up to see her take her 1st taste of another guys cock and he was big and rock hard . I started to tease her with my cock and she told me to fuck her . Dan got off the bed and removed all his clothes I looked over at him and he was fit and had this huge cock in his hand , he was putting a condom on . Wife looked at me and said , can Dan fuck me please ?
    I moved up the top of the bed and wife turned and sucked me , leaving Dan access to her , which she had now moved herself into her favourite position , doggie . Dan was teasing her with his huge cock and she was moaning , then she started to push back into him but he continued the teasing . So the wife moved forward and sat straight down on top of my cock , Dan shuffled up and grabbed at her tits and kissed her neck for a while then she turned and said , no teasing , fuck me ok .
    Dan entered her slowly and she was loving it , within minutes they were fucking like wild animals , it was hot .We swapped and fucked for hours , I cum in her mouth once but Dan was still going at it , he was good . She asked us to fuck her mouth and at 1 stage had both of us in her mouth at once . After a short rest , where she layed between us with a cock in each hand and said , this is incredible , we started to fuck her again . Dan was smashing her and she's super fit she could match his prowess . I eventually said , do you ever cum ? He said I will come whenever she wants me too . Wife said can you both cum on my tits now , I was ready and within a minute she was pulling both of our cock all over her tits and stomach .
    This was the 1st of now 2 amazing experiences and now she wants to be blacked ..
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