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My wife Serena and I have been married for 14 years. A few months ago we went to a party our friends were throwing. They lived a fair distance from us, so we decided to stay overnight. Serena’s parents agreed to watch our kids for the night, so the stage was set for a good, drunken night of partying.

The party was a total blast, and we had so much fun! I got caught up in several interesting conversations while Serena had fun with her friends and danced the night away. We both got pretty drunk, and late that night we climbed into bed in our friends’ guestroom. It was a small bed, but it beat driving home.

I’d stripped down to my boxers, and Serena was in a T-shirt and panties. We were both fairly horny, and Serena began rubbing herself against me. This eventually led to her giving me a handjob while I rubbed her damp crotch, then pulled her panties down so I could play with her pussy a bit. We followed that up with a nice, drunken missionary position fuck. We tried not to make too much noise, but we didn’t try too hard, and apparently we’d attracted some attention. As soon as we’d grunted and groaned our way through our orgasms, I rolled off her and a tall black guy standing in the doorway, watching us.

I didn’t say anything, but Serena caught me staring at the guy and followed my gaze, setting her eyes on him as well. When he hesitantly stepped forward, as if he wanted to join us, I looked at my wife and let her decide. She quickly nodded her head, inviting him into the room.

He walked over to the bed and took off his pants revealing a huge erect cock, then reached out a hand toward my wife’s freshly fucked pussy. When she nodded again, he began to explore her folds, which made her gasp loudly. He probed her for a few minutes as her moans grew louder, and then he climbed on top of her, getting between her legs in the position I’d just been in. Serena didn’t stop him, instead encouraging him to penetrate her.

I watched as my wife’s body rocked with each of the man’s strong thrusts, and I felt my cock twitching as my hard-on came back to life.

The man didn’t last too long, and with one final thrust, he groaned and emptied himself into her. I heard Serena gasp, “Oh, oh my god,” as she felt him come inside her, and she came, too. Then he collapsed on top of her before rolling off the bed, pulling up his pants and walking out the door.

Hard again, I quickly got back on top of her and slid my excited cock into her warm, sloppy hole. I only lasted a few strokes before losing it and adding my own load to the mess in her pussy.

We didn’t say anything about what had happened with the stranger, but the next morning we had hot, passionate sex that I knew was the result of our wild encounter the night before.

When we left, we thanked our hosts for a very memorable party. And let me tell you, that was a memorable party indeed. My wife is now almost four months pregnant—and we don’t know whose it is. Now we’ll always have a reminder of our wild night out!