A quick greeting & intro.

Hello to all:

We are a new cuck couple, 46 F 45 M and have recently found this site.
After 25 years together we have begun a new sexual and mental journey into this.
I have now become the Domme he has always known I could be (took him years to get it through my head) and have within the last year begun sexual relations with black bulls, sometimes with him, sometimes without and we couldn't be happier.
He seemed to know I would enjoy this lifestyle long before I fathomed it possible.
He has always been an obedient sub type of male. I knew he was bisexual when we met.
I have a new and much more sexual attitude since being taken by strong well hung black males.
My cuck hubby (if present) always willingly does as directed without hesitation, no matter how humiliating or degrading. I have always loved him dearly, even more since discovering his desire for me to be pleased in ways he's not capable of. To see his eyes light up when I'm being taken by a bull just makes my heart sing.