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A question for Bulls.


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Stephen and I have had a long term friendship we made years ago at a lifestyle club where we went to college.

Cynthia and Bradley have been wonderful friends and a loving couple for almost as long as Stephen and I have. We've seen them get married, raise children and live this lifestyle for ages with no sing of troubles.

Two weeks ago via a phone conversation with Brad, Stephen was told that they have stopped participating in the lifestyle. Cynthia found herself falling in love with her bull and immediately told Brad of her feelings and that she needed to stop all dating.

THIS! Is how a couple survives in our lifestyle. Honesty and communication are vital. I too have found myself a little to close emotionally to a bull and ceased the connection. Stephen and I are very proud of our friends but Stephen then asked an intriguing question: How does their Bull feel?

I hadn't really given this much thought before. I know that some bulls feel like they are treated like a toy or a disposable human but I haven't really spoken about to much.

So if any bulls want to share their side of the story I'd love to read and learn.

We are a warm dildo with a heartbeat. We love that role. The problems occur when the woman begin to make us feel like a real person and less of a big cock. All humans love to be appreciated as a whole but in this role its simple...we are fuck toys that have the ability to buy you a drink every so often. Thats why there are rules to this. Feelings are natural but are obstacles to the reason why everyone gets involved in this. The successful Bulls keep one mantra...Lets Just Fuck! The less than successful ones are at their jobs wondering what you are doing at this very moment.

I'm not telling what I heard. I'm telling what I know.
I like to keep my emotions outta this lifestyle that's a simple way to keep everyone happy I just show up and Fuck the shit out of a woman and possibly get some free breakfast and some morning head then leave until next time I don't ask about how your day went or about your kids I just fuck and keep things extremely simple


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I don't allow my self to get emotional or to warped up into it. I take it for what it's worth. At the end of the day the woman is married and that's something I always repect. So when we are together cool. When not that's cool also. Plus a guy who can fuck and not really have tides is a happy guy.


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I just remember that it's a fantasy come true for the couples. I don't feel used because we all (me, wife, and cuckold) can carry a friendly conversation which in turn takes away the awkwardness. Also, we express to each other ourlimits/ground rules so we're all on the same page.
I've had similar conversations with a couple of hotwives. It was a thin line at times, but through constant communication we were able to keep perspective. I am an extra, an addition to their marriage, not any replacement. So far, so good. Every relationship needs periodic calibration with open and continual communication.