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    A few years ago my wife, Jill and I were vacationing in Cancun. We spend the day
    swimming off Cozumel. While we were on the diving platform relaxing, a young black
    swam out and pulled himself up onto the platform. He was not that tall but he
    was extremely muscular and well-tanned. I remember that has he ascended from the
    water his swimming trunks could barely contain his massive manhood which Jill
    clearly took notice of as well.
    Later back at the room she asked me if I had
    seen his incredible bulge and I pretended not to know what she was talking about
    even though I had been thinking about it all afternoon and what my wife's
    reaction to it was. I told her I remembered him but was not in the habit of
    checking out other guy's crotches. She told me that no one could have missed it
    and that he was "hung like a horse." Clearly she had gotten a good look at and
    had also been thinking about it. A couple of nights later we were fucking and I
    asked her if was still thinking about the well-hung swimmer. She smiled and said
    yes, and that I could be her fantasy fucker. After we were done, she told me
    that after she had said that, she could feel my cock swell inside her. I often
    wish we could have met him again and have brought him back to our hotel room so
    he could have fucked Jill with that huge cock. When I ask her if she wished she

    could have had him, she just laughs and says "what do you think?"