3rd Aniversary, Constance + Black Officer and Me Part 1

It was our 3rd aniversary and I was just completing "C" school training in Pensacola Florida, I was an E5 at the time and not making a lot of money so the only way we could be together was for her to take the bus, I met her at the bus station and she looked great coming off the bus, she was followed by 3 young blacks about 18 or 19, who also seem to noticed that the the jeans she wore showed off her perfect round ass and it was pulled up tight enough to display her sex. She wore my favorite blouse which was cut low enough to show off her 36 "D" breasts and made of light material so the wind caught it just right to blow it up some to see her thin white bra straining to hold her breast in place and her hard nipples poking the material out. She ran to me and we locked in a passionate embrace made more passionate by the 4 month seperation as we kissed my hands found her ass giving it a loving squeeze and drawing her closer to my pelvis and my hardon which I was sure she was feeling poking her belly, I stand well over 6 foot and my wife is 5'4" , Constance broke our kiss and commented on my hardon with the comment, "horney huh..? Yes, I am I said, and what has you so excited I asked, I can see by your nipples that your just as excited? Oh, nothing really she said just the excitement of seeing you, I knew she was not telling me the whole story but as I grabbed her overnight bag and placed it in the car she said that she was tired from her 12 hour trip and wanted to get to the hotel room. The hotel was near the center of town and conviently located to some of the fun places in Pensacola to see. As soon as we got into the room she started removing her clothes and while I stripped I noticed that her her nipples in addition to being very excited and extended were red and raw, as i stood next her I rubbed my thumb over them and asked how they got that way as she mumbled about liking the way I was rubbing them as she drew my lips to hers, as I pulled on them, she sucked in air and moaned. I placed my hand between her legs and found that she was wet and juices were dripping from her, as we laid down on the bed with her fisting my cock and as I worked three then four fingers into her gushing pussy she told me how she had fallen to sleep on the bus and woke up to a pair of hands from the black young man seated behind her under her blouse playing with her tits, she had taken a seat near the back of the bus where it was not so crowded so that she could get some rest, when she woke up she noticed that the rest of riders on the bus were asleep and she was alone with him and two other black teen boys who were now sitting in front of her and beside her, she said that she did not feel threatened and being horny she got up and moved to the back seat with two of the young black teens and the teen boy that had been working over her breasts and nipples, she removed her bra and let him have full access to his breast, she urged him to continue his attention to her nipples because she was getting wet and excited. As he sucked on her nipples the other teen unbuttoned and zipped down her jeans enough for him to place his hand inside her jeans and run his fingers over her panty covered slit, the oldest one joined them and stood in front of her so that her face was even with his crotch, as the boy pulled out his cock she told me that she was so close to cumming from the the two teens that she was afraid that her moans would wake up the rest of the bus as she opened her mouth and took the cock that he was feeding her. I was hurt but also excited about what she was telling me as I continued finger fucking her cunt to get her off before I plunged my dick into her.
As my wife and bride of only three years told me more I became less suprised, in college to pay some of the tuition she whored herself out and black college athletes were her favorite, when I learned of this on our wedding night I asked her if she would ever resume her activities, she swore to me that she would not do that again but after that first year I quickly realized that my 5 inch dick and premature ejaculation problem was a disappointment to her but until now she had never mentioned and I had not once suspected her of breaking her promise to me.

Constance then told me that part of the problem with her being so horny and want to fuck was that she was a few months into her first pregnancy and the changes to her body was making her breasts and clit extremely sensative. As she went into detail about the black cock she was sucking and how she almost forgot how good a black cock feels and taste, I exploded my cum into my wife's hand expending several weeks worth of cum built up in my balls, she continued to pump my cock draining the last bit of cum before feeding me the cum from her fingers, I opened my mouth as she allowed it to drip from her fingers....."thats it Gregg, taste your own cock cream you cum sucker", make your dick get hard again, Constance is right in that the perversion of sucking my cum from her fingers or cunt always gets me hard again but not this time. My dick remained limp as I went down on her and sucked her pussy, she moaned and begged me to suck her creaming pussy, she told me how she wished those three boys would had gang fucked her on the bus but she only had time to suck off the oldest and and gave hand jobs to the other two before pulling into the station.