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1st Continued

On her knees with a big black member in her face Char spit all over that 9" cock and Chris knew all inhibitions were out the window. She grabbed his big dick and began viciously moving her head back and forth. Drool and precum were dancing from her lips and his thick shaft. Char told him to get on the bed and lay down. He obeyed and Chris watched his girl in amazement. she followed him onto the bed still in her sexy bra and panties. She was on all fours, her ass pushed out hanging over the edge of the bed, devouring that cock. Chris couldn't resist that ass and pussy that hadn't yet been touched. He wanted to know how wet and turned on his girl was. He got up from the chair where he watched Char taking that black cock in her mouth hungrily. Chris got behind her and pulled her black panties to the side revealing her swollen clit and glistening pussy lips. He touched her and felt her warm wetness envolop his fingers. He moved his head in to taste it.... he needed to taste it. Char let him for what only seemed lIke seconds. Then she quickly pulled herself away and told this black stranger she wanted him inside her. She moved onto her back as Chris moved away to his place on the chair. Her bull rolled over and together they slid her panties to the side.... an invitation for him to penetrate her, to stretch her into ecstasy.

To be continued. True story