1. Xavier WooDz

    BBC here but I’m 28 is that too young??? White women Replies please

    hey im 28 years old with a 10 in BBC and I haven’t been with a female over 40 yet is a wish and a fantasy of mines! How do I make this happen without coming off to young looking or in experienced
  2. I

    Masked Women

    There always something sensual, mysterious and exotic about a woman wearing a mask. No matter how many times you had sex with her, the moment she put a mask on, is something extra; new sexuality fills the air and you are about to embark on a new sexual dimension.
  3. Needsmheadnow


    Ok when I was married a lifetime ago my wife would greet me at the door with a thong and nothing else. Didn't care if anyone saw and this went on everyday for 10 years. Now divorced I realize that I really miss that shit. My request is that can some ladies take pics like that for me either front...
  4. superdick33

    Boston Has No Sexy Women LOL

    I just moved to Boston and it's a cool place but where the FOOK are the sexy women??? I have been to many states as some you know and I got spoiled between Miami,New York,Atlanta and so on but I am going from Debham-Quincy and I can't find any females I am attracted to even golds gym ain't got...
  5. Me having fun in Vegas in 2015

    Me having fun in Vegas in 2015

    I had a good time watching these sexy women perform
  6. D

    Do you like what you see?

    Let me take care of you Do you like it?
  7. G

    BBC in Nottingham

    hi am new to this site, so still finding my way around. Am looking for women or couples who are in or around nottingham looking for a genuine down to earth young bbc.
  8. superdick33

    The Few Things Men And Women Don't Know About Great Sex!!!

    Let Me Explain This: About Men and Women: Sensuality - Most people men and women don't understand the meaning of this and why this is one of the most important parts of getting a deep connection with your partner. Kissing - A lost art in this millenial generation X people really do not...
  9. B

    BBC aus NRW für heiße Frauen in der Region

    Naked 01 by BBCNRW posted Dec 19, 2016 at 7:21 PMHallo ! An alle neugierige und heiße Frauen aus NRW und Umgebung die schon immer oder endlich wieder einen schwarzen Lover haben wollten. Ich bin ein netter und umgänglicher black man, der an gelegentlichen Treffen mit Frauen interessiert ist...
  10. Sub13195

    New cuck

    Hey I've been exploring this lifestyle and it is for me. Looking for a genuine woman to eventually keep me locked in a permanent chastity cage while she cucks me. I am also bisexual -GTA area
  11. tangatanga

    white women with flat booties

    PAWGs are great but I also love white milfs or mature women with flat booties. Don't understand why but they turn me on. I would love some pictures,especially in profile.
  12. D

    Packing and ready to let loose

    Pawg's , Mom's , BBW, Petite, Any national, Married, Singles, Bi Girls, Any age. .... What to do ? I'm here ready and Hard for some nasty talk and Playtime . pm me if you're bout this .. my cock consent of many Flavors for your taste buds
  13. superdick33

    10 Reasons Latina's Are My Favorite Women...

    This post is my about my love for Latinas and why I like them over most other women. 1) The way they dance(Salsa/Latin Dance) no other nationality does dancing like a Latin ladie. 2) There cooking skills are barnone the best"take it from a guy who is from Miami". 3)They have a lot of "sexual...
  14. mywayintermsofsex

    What Women do you prefer to have sex with Black men and Why?

    i guess, many in this forum would say "All" Women should have sex with Black men. But ImO women who pre-exclude Black men from having sex with just because they are black do not even deserve to have sex with them. (Likewise, i feel like non-black men who say "Once you go black we won`t take you...
  15. gqblackgent416

    Summer 2016 Toronto Canada

    We host upscale BBC & Interracial Hot Wives nights in Toronto. Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Barrie, Ottawa, Niagara Falls Ontario areas welcome to join us. US & other Canadian cities welcome as well Summer 2016 "playing dirty, not clean" JUNE 10 - JUNE 12 BBC Takeover miniMansion Weekend...
  16. mywayintermsofsex

    What Black versus White Men Are Good For

    ...according to what the gorgeous women of B2w say. Those who have read some of my posts probably already know that i like statistics. And to analyze them. And to present them to you, the B2w people. ;) It`s not that i want to bring old and forgotten threads back to life... but these two may...
  17. M

    Oneonta ny/Delhi ny area

    Hi my name is mike im a laid back guy just looking for some to finally meet someone off the site. If any couples or singles in the area want a good time let me know Another angle by Mikehen24 posted Sep 24, 2015 at 10:16 PMA little thick by Mikehen24 posted Sep 24, 2015 at 10:16 PM
  18. Realhunt

    sexy Halloween outfits

    What's up i know y'all sexy women have some sexy Halloween outfits...can a brother see some treats
  19. C

    Indian women's

    Just trying to wonder how many indian women using this forum. Please all indian women do text and follow me ;) would be fun. Not only indian women even white, asian, black and latina follow me lol