1. amiens88

    Long trip ahead

    Hello , i will be travelling to Morocco in January , 10 days of stay overthere , from there i will head to a city called Ceuta close to the northern Borders in Morocco , from ceuta i will be moving to Malaga and from there to Barcelona …. So any interested woman or couple , can hit me up . Cheers 🥂
  2. Blackheat


    Tribute for client 🍆💦 send a message if interested...
  3. thewriter

    Black Male In Newmarket, UK Seeking

    looking for some fun this weekend. Can travel or accommodate. Newly moved here to England . Message me if interested.
  4. mywayintermsofsex

    Sexual Evolution (F/m/Bm)

    Personal sexual development explained in stages... For Women: Stage #0: Masturbation to her favorite fantasies Stage #1: Masturbation and sex with one man (her partner or FWB) Stage #2: A lot of sex with more than one man Stage #3: Good sex with mostly Black men Stage #4: Great sex with only...
  5. QOS tat on cummed on tits.jpg

    QOS tat on cummed on tits.jpg

    I love my new QOS tat, especially when my tits are covered in my black bull's creamy cum. :)
  6. QOS tat on ass and Fuck me while hubby watches.jpg

    QOS tat on ass and Fuck me while hubby watches.jpg

    I love my new top!
  7. H

    Any Women in Phoenix for Super Bowl or PGA Tour?

    Just wanted to connect with any women that will be in town for the Super Bowl or PGA Tour I think I might create a private Telegram group. A few people mentioned that might be the best way to organize a party or get together.
  8. mywayintermsofsex

    A few Questions for Women: In denial... but progressing?

    Before I ask my questions let me tell you about something I just stumbled upon on a porn tube site... and I think it's rather funny. ;) There is a video montage clip uploaded by a xHamster member (Anotherhotwife) titled "Training for White Women: Introduction", and the very first comment to...
  9. Original_Rose

    Positions preferred by women.

    For me, my all time favourite would be the sitting reverse cowgirl. Its also where I feel the most vulnerable! End of the day it comes down to how the move is mastered and executed. Feel free to share yours. :sneaky:
  10. zeus4

    BBC / Bill Jacksonville

    Back here again! Deactivated a while back been about 2 years. Had some successful encounters but mainly b.s. hopefully the community has gotten better!
  11. H

    Do you still use KIK? And what that says about you...

    This came up on a different thread and just felt I should make a comment. I want to make my position clear on this, you do not need to agree with me You can do whatever you want to do. But I have seen from experience this happen, which is why I formulated my opinion Kik is OLD!! Its dead. If...
  12. Programmed and ready to please you. Where would you like to start? 🍫🍆

    Programmed and ready to please you. Where would you like to start? 🍫🍆

  13. Jayy3116

    Let us see them big white tits ladies

    Let us see them big white titties
  14. DinaVal69

    Size queens, I have questions!

    Are you a size queen? What makes you a size queen? How big is too big? How small is too small? Do you have stories? Does it ever hurt? Did you have to gradually go bigger? What’s the biggest you’ve had? Would you like to join us on our podcast? Message me for more details.
  15. SWM4bbcslut

    Worth of adult white pussy in the U.S. for black men

    Over 8 trillion $$, 204 million white people in the US in 2020, make it 180 million. x by 0.48 (female pop.) x by 0.743 (over age 18) then divide in half. Give a time range of 12 years, age 24 to 36, Fucking 2 x a week. $200 per fuck.
  16. Jayy3116

    Show us some titties

    Ladies drop a pic
  17. H

    Sexual Safety 101

    My hope with this post is to continue to provide some basics that can help men, women and couples enjoy this LS in a way that keeps everyone safe, but also maximizes the "FUN" After all - we are all here for sexual exploration, expression and fun. There are 3 parts to Sexual Safety that I will...
  18. indulgingb

    Visiting North Carolina from Minnesota

    Visiting North Carolina (Raliegh and Charlotte) from Minnesota and looking to connect with soft lifestylers whilst I am there. Hoping to see the lifestyle scene through the eyes of a local. let me know if you are interested. please be serious and genuine. Thank you.
  19. mywayintermsofsex

    Small Black Dicks

    It seems that most people on this site are more interested in the myth of Black men having bigger dicks as compared to the non-black average male, and scenarios in which Black men are "winning" the "size competition" with their lighter skinned fellow males. Personally, i am neither interested...
  20. cuckoldgriff


    LIP INJECTIONS Has anyone else noticed more & more white girls doing whatever it takes to make their body more appealing to black guys? Plastic surgery & injections to not only make women look younger, but different. Making their lips thicker and fuller and receiving ass implants make them...