1. elkobzeanboy

    Searching for like minded people in Utah

    Looking to meet real people in Utah. If you live here or visit here let connect and make some plans. Where are my Utah peeps at!!!!
  2. J. from the block

    J. from the block

    Black owned!!!
  3. Sweetcouple

    Looking for a new wife

    Hey I'm 22 cuck who loves to clean up And live with a dominant girl I'm looking for a real long term relationship With a nice hot woman who loves black men and bbc Any interested single girls comment here :threesome:
  4. Screenshot_20200101-232245_Video Player.jpg

    Screenshot_20200101-232245_Video Player.jpg

  5. Screenshot_20200101-232317_Video Player.jpg

    Screenshot_20200101-232317_Video Player.jpg

  6. Screenshot_20200101-232317_Video Player.jpg

    Screenshot_20200101-232317_Video Player.jpg

  7. Screenshot_20200101-232211_Video Player.jpg

    Screenshot_20200101-232211_Video Player.jpg

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    Hanging out new year
  10. 20200101_214931.jpg


    Hanging out new year
  11. 20200101_221249.jpg


    Hanging out new year
  12. 20200101_221255.jpg


    Hanging out new year
  13. 20200101_223226.jpg


    Hanging out in the new year
  14. Submarines

    Happy new year to everyone. But I have a question 👆🏾

    Ok so boom. I had this lady solicit me on some shit Lol like for real tho shes a frind of the Business who always comes by and refers customers to us so I have fixed at least 15-20 of her personal referrals vehicles Easy Older white woman. Always very friendly and flirty. So one day after...
  15. mywayintermsofsex

    Women's Preferred Sexual Practices

    Like everyone of us has a preference for something when it comes to sex, Women do have their preferences too. However, that does not mean those would not depend on who they mingle with. This is what i found out... Women of B2w: Can you (still) relate?
  16. RodStrokeland7

    All The Real Women Spread Ya Ass Cheeks and Expose The Tunnel (Real Women Only)

    Dedicated to The Women That like to get their anus licked and stuffed with a Long Hard Strong Black Shlong.
  17. Getting wet

    Getting wet

    Need something
  18. Cdubb213

    Who’s the Sexist Hot Wife/Female on BTW

    It’s Sexy Saturday, I need for ALL women to post that one go to Sexy outfit when you wanna impress us BBC’s... We wanna know if your up for the challenge. Get to posting!!!!
  19. Hazo33

    Near Denmark ;)

    Looking for a women near Denmark ;) Go on girls ;) Lets talk in pm :)
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    Wild cherry soda