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small penis

  1. littlewhitedicklett

    Post Your Little Dick

    I am a arrogant, selfish, cold man. I believe women should never speak unless spoken to and that they belong in the home. BTW ladies, what do you think of my penis?
  2. N

    Small cock for You to humiliate

    Greetings from slovenian small cock slave who loves to be humiliated so i beg You to leave reply about my cock
  3. LondonSub

    How many would enter a small penis competition?

    Would any of the ladies reading this post ever consider volunteering to be a judge?
  4. D

    Will I become a Cuckold?

    Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum. So I'm an Indian college student who just got a girlfriend and had sex for the first time. The problem is, my penis is 3.5 inches long and fairly thin. When I had sex with my girlfriend, she asked me if it was in half-way through the sex :( . I provide great...
  5. B

    Being a good cuckold

    I believe our mission as cuckolds goes beyond simply getting our beautiful white wives filled with big black cock! These days most cucks have accepted their need to be locked in chastity and this is great. But there is more! Our wives need to take the next step and it is our job to both...
  6. sissysmalldick


    i am young sissy with very small dick ( 13 x 10.5 cm ) and virgin ass.. main interests = bbw, cuckold, sexwife, feminization, humilations, sph, femdom, alpha males with huge dicks..