1. What's the first thing that comes to mind?

    What's the first thing that comes to mind?

  2. B

    Cuck wannabe looking for GF (Norway)

    Hello I’m a 28yo cuck wannabe, who’s been into this for few years and I dream to meet my Queen, to explore this lifestyle with 🙏 send message if you want to have a nice chat :)
  3. H

    Looking for something real, anywhere in the world

    Been on this site for a while now and made some posts before trying to find someone but I'm looking again for a long-term relationship with a woman that is looking for a cuckold and has a keen interest in interracial sex and the whole BBC hotwife lifestyle in general. I'm willing to relocate...
  4. V

    Loyal loving 30yo cuckold in search of his sexwife

    Hello) I am looking for a relationship with living together, and mutual sympathy first of all) I would like you to be polygamous and love regular sex / blowjob with others, maybe group sex) I can be at home, and you will tell with photos and videos how you are fucked, I can come to the crime...
  5. C

    In your experience, who typically pushes for a cuckold relationship?

    Are cuckold relationships usually started by men who want to see their partner get fucked by others, a woman who wants more than just her husband, or by an adventurous couple looking to broaden their horizon? I'm curious to know if you guys think a lot of cuckold relationships are motivated by...
  6. mywayintermsofsex

    The taughest decision for a husband or boyfriend

    If you had to choose only one from two options (as a lifelong commitment), * Having any kind of sex you like with your partner apart from eating her pussy and watching her with others, or * Eating your partner's pussy and watching her with others but not having any other kind of sex which one...
  7. LatinBrownBull

    One Of A Different Kind Of Mind ,Body&Soul

    YOB;1992 ,Dirty 30 Weight;157 was heavier but worked out awhile ,stopped & need to start again Height;5Ft ,5 not my fault Uncut 5⅔-6 pushed ,Average & Confident Mexican, Native American Therian Indian Pansexual ,Polysexual ,Polyamorous Not a Pro Dom but I do fine with FinDom Multi...
  8. C

    Asian wife - Toronto area

  9. C

    Cuckold looking for woman

    A black young man, 34 years old from Algeria, experienced, strong and very funny is looking for horny hotwives i can manage your visa invitation to algeria, your'e welcome
  10. livinnrevelry


  11. C

    German cuck old man seeks experience.

    Wanted cuckold lifestyle.
  12. G

    Русский куколд в поисках отношений

    Всем привет! Москва, возможно МО. Русский парень, 29 лет, ищу девушку в теме, любящую африканцев и SW-тему в целом. Цель - отношения, очень серьезные, даже улыбаться не будем, вот на столько серьезно всё, да. Буду крайне рад знакомству!
  13. B

    Looking for a future Girlfriend, hotwife. I want to be a cuckold!

    Hi, Our mission as white guys is to make happy to our girlfriends, wives. The best way to do this is contributing to give them all kind of support, love, financial but also sexual freedom to enjoy black alpha males as much they want. I know sex is all in our minds, we can elevate the sexual act...
  14. B

    Looking for a QoS for Dating/ real relationship

    I‘m 34 years old, very serious, single, very good financial status and a high ranked profesional status ( career). Im looking to date a QoS for a real relationship. I am located in Germany. Message me if interested to get to know eachother. Im interested only in serious, discrete dating for a...
  15. S


    Sono un cuckold in cerca della mia sweet. Ho 41 anni, vivo in Lombardia. Spero di conoscere una lei calda e bella Per una relazione seria e duratura. Non mi dispiace anche conoscere vere coppie cuckold con cui chiacchierare, se poi le signore conoscessero delle amiche in cerca di un compagno...
  16. Cucksub26

    Nashville cuck

    Hello I am completely submissive, A wannabe cuck!! I just moved from Orlando to Nashville and work from home. I am looking for a long term relationship with a women who is open to the lifestyle and willing to cuck me. I do have some experience in bdsm but still a little wet behind the ears. I...
  17. S

    Cali wife looking for BBC friendship with benefits

    Hello everyone, I've made posts like this a few times before. However, the last post we were more typical. Looking for no strings hookup for my wifes first irl bbc experience. But after corresponding with several guys my wife had a change of heart in way. She doesnt want random hookups, infact...
  18. H

    How’s you relationship after.

    Right now my wife basically worships me and we have a great relationship but I definitely want to get her blacked and I think secretly she wants it too. Could this possibly change things? Will the power dynamic in our relationship shift? How has it affected your relationship
  19. CuckDuck75

    Seeking something a little different. Alabama

    It looks like everyone is just looking for sex these days, but it seems like there's even more exciting things to do. I'm trying to find my wife a relationship with a black man. Not just meet up and fuck, but a more intimate long-term relationship. Take her on dates and get to really know her. A...
  20. vireamase

    Black male 21 (DMV)

    Looking for a girl. Preferably between (18-26). Don't hesitate to message me.