2. MonsterGirth

    Not fair that I can’t be verified the rules are weird.

    I would love to become verified but this website only verifies couples and black men. Why ??? Doesn’t make sense. Almost seems like reverse racism. I wish I wouldn’t have paid for the pro version of this website because now I can’t even be verified. I’m calling my bank and filing a dispute !!!!
  3. booyakahh

    Question to black men only.

    Honest question to black men only: What do you think is the percentage of cuckolds and hotwives on this forum that are actually racist outside of the “worship bbc” game they use to get each other/themselves off?
  4. A

    How to convert nationalist girls into snowbunnies

  5. A

    A theory

    "The more outwardly racist the white girl, the more she secretly lusts after big black cock." Discuss.
  6. stayjaymac

    Are JayZ & Beyonce racist?

    Since they just released their new album and I know people's feelings about them are divided racially so I'm curious.
  7. Snowbunny1999


    Hy to everyone. There are people who have the opinion it's racism to have a obsession for black guys and their cocks. A sexual racism. I think we all know better... I asked these people how it can be, that i love black men, and at the same time beeing a racist. But i did not get any clear...
  8. O

    WTF Happened

  9. blckcckmatters

    A Word on Racism and the IR Community...

    This topic has been on my mind for a while now, as I reflect on my own interracial experiences and the general, racist perceptions of black men and women in American society. First off, to the brothers: never, EVER doubt that the white person sleeping with you, might be racist. The most...

    A challenge for any in the group...

    Find communities in North America where racists live and make certain there are women pregnant with black children, formerly racist women become Queen of Spades, formerly racist men become Jack of Spades. This is the 21st century people end this fucking racism and make sure it ends in this...