1. Cherry

    help looking for hardcore interracial cuckold where bf/hubby forced to suck and fuck bull

    please help out we kinda new to the scene and looking for good forced bi where cucky gets forced to be a sissy in front of gf/wife trying to inspire cucky to use his full potential :p thanks guys :) Cherry x
  2. MasterFW4

    Women on men forced scenarios

    I've looked through the forums and seen people talk about forced play scenarios with men on women but next to none about women on men, I just want to get some thoughts and ideas people might have about a woman(or women) on man forced scenario.
  3. urstruly

    Submissive Couple

    We are matured submissive couple. For the past 30 years, since we first met, we have been fantasizing about being dominated by men and/or women. Hubby has a small cock (5.5 inches fully erect) while wify is very sexual. We do not want to dominate each others. It always have been both of us being...
  4. D


    Share you darkest deepest fantasies that you are shy or afraid to share..... Well i love a stranger abducting a girl and going rough on her Going to a public place act like strangers and seduce each other Then i love to play games like giving each other one command at a...
  5. forced deepthroat

    forced deepthroat

    So Great to be forced to do a deepthroat.... My pussy gets Very wet
  6. after BBC wouldn't pullout

    after BBC wouldn't pullout

    We met guy off Craigslist who would not wear rubbers and made her beg him to breed her pussy
  7. Jon Cuck

    Bisexual Cuckold

  8. C

    Former man, now sissy oral giver wanting an flr or woman to support while she cuckolds me

    Once I was man who loved eating pussy. I liked jerking off to porn after I orally pleased my wife. She preferred oral and I was a minute man with average 6" penis. I saw cream pie clean up on line and I thought my wife would think me wanting to eat my cum out of her pussy was gay. I explained...