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Share you darkest deepest fantasies that you are shy or afraid to share.....

Well i love a stranger abducting a girl and going rough on her

Going to a public place act like strangers and seduce each other

Then i love to play games like giving each other one command at a time
etc etc

Tell me yours
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When I was with my last b/f, (white), I fantasized about him play raping me but he would never try it! Always said he didn't want to hurt or humiliate me at all! Blah, blah, blah!! Now that I'm single again, I have the same fantasy but want a BBC to hurt and stretch my pussy instead!!
your ex was dumb!
MWM who's fantasy is to be traveling with my wife and have car trouble. During which we walk into the wrong business for help. A business filled with black Bulls. Before we know it the doors are locked, we are surrounded and she is stripped naked. She's terrified when the first bull gets naked and she sees a REAL dick for the first time.

He places his hand on her shoulders and gently guides her to her knees. She wants to resist, but she's to afraid. She looks to me for help, but I'm kneeling on the floor in my underwear with three bulls standing over me. He tells her to take his dick in her hand and when she doesn't comply he bitch slaps her. With her face stinging she quickly tries to wrap her little white hand around his big black dick as she seems mesmerized by it.

He then gently places his hand behind her head and starts to guide her mouth to his dick. With tears running down her face she looks up at him, looks him in the eye and opens her mouth as wide as she can to accept his very large REAL dick. Her eyes glance toward me me and I see a sudden hint of anger in her eyes and realize she's looking at my underwear. I look down and realize my dick is harder than it's ever been and feel so humiliated.

The three bulls standing over me also see this and begin to taunt me as they undress. One of them orders me to stand, remove my underwear then kneel before him. When he sees my extremely hard dick he laughs. He tells me to look at him says, "You like this big black dick don't you white boy? Open your pretty little mouth. Show your wife what you really want."

I shift my eyes to the left and see my wife still looking at me with tears running down her face and her mouth full of black dick. It was a beautiful site, but not as beautiful as the site three inches from my face. Without realizing what I'm doing I reach up and take his dick in my hand. I am immediately in awe of it's girth, it's weight and how hard and smooth it feels.

It was at that moment I realized two things. He had me and we both knew it and I never felt more natural than I did at that moment kneeling before him. Without hesitation I leaned forward and took as much of that very large black dick into my mouth as possible. I was a changed man and all I wanted to do was please him.

He moved my hand from his dick and placed it on his hip while instructing me to place my other hand on his hip. He then put his hands on both sides of my head to hold it in place. I looked up to him and we made eye contact. He must have seen the pleading in my eyes. The pleading for him to dominate and own me because he immediately and gently began to fuck my mouth.

It was then that I heard moaning coming from my wife. I shifted my eyes over as far as possible and saw that she wasn't crying anymore. She was now sucking that big black dick with purpose. All the while watching me. In just a couple of minutes I heard the man above me start to moan. He then started to degrade me as the mouth fucking picked up pace. Suddenly I felt the head of his dick swell and I knew.
-----If you would like me to continue let me know.
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Fortunately my wife doesn't hide her desires from me. She told me that she wanted to cuckold me interracially and she told me that she wanted a biracial kid.

I am glad that she is very open. In fact I admire that brave character trait.