1. T

    Does BBC change woman's coochie lips or fullness of?

    Noticed my young wife's coochie looked so much different in yoga pants especially. Of course she felt looser but was extremely wet because we talked about “her interracial fantasy” that she swore she had never did... Yet I've definitely noticed her vaginal lips look so much fuller and even kinda...
  2. CFA1EFEF-7625-4A03-93BC-12B6096AF8F2.png


    I'll metroeast
  3. Jwcole

    CWB, Tampa area 9/26-30

    Wife and I are staying in CWB 9/26-30, interested in meeting the right guy for drinks and see where it goes. Intelligence, classy, tall and good conversationalist is a must to get her attention. If interested pm me and we'll go from there.
  4. Bootyful


    Pants or no pants it looks good!
  5. D

    Calling all Curious

    For you curious about BBC; single females, curious couples (dating or married), and bfs/husbands curious to see their woman with BBC. Leave your State and age(s). Ty.
  6. BlackInWhitePNW

    How would you breed this little blonde snowbunny? Very special friend is exploring the possibilities.

    My special friend would truly like to know how a curvy little white girl body like this would hold up being bred from behind by a bbc. A very special request. Please help her out, fellas, and enlighten us with your expertise. She's considering the possibilities but wants to assess how this sort...
  7. D

    Real Curious Couples

    1) Are you a husband Curious to see wife blacked? 2) Are you a wife curious to try BBC? 3) Are you a curious couple both interested in this most erotic and pleasurable sexual lifestyle? If any of the above, state age(s), loc, and which one above.
  8. P

    Think girlfriend has thought about it...

    So previously I heard my GF talk about black poles with a friend: Overheard GF and her friend talk about black poles... Recently, we went on holiday and while at a beach side restaurant we saw this cute blond having a drink with a well built black guy. They seemed to having a good time when my...
  9. D

    Curious Cowgirl - let me help!

    Are you cowgirl who is curious about BBC? Cowgirl as in one or more of these interests; Ride and or own horses, barrel race, listen to country music, ride a pickup truck, grew up in small rural mostly or all white town, farm girl, wear country boots, country hat, country jeans, etc. If so...
  10. L

    She may want BBC one day, always squirts with her BBC dildos. What do you think of her?

    She's very curious of doing it one day and always says that no one would like her body. What do you guys think?
  11. C

    Curious white boy..

    Very good looking curious white boy in Michigan would like to see another cock in person for the first time. :) Very new to this, very curious. Show me what you got. Good looking, White, blue eyes, 6ft. I'm 7" but I know there are much bigger guys out there. Just wanted to say hello.
  12. P

    Overheard GF and her friend talk about black poles...

    So, recently me and my girlfriend was hanging out a mall with a water front with her friend she hasn't seen in ages. I was kind off minding my own business as we walked and them talking a lot while catching up. We then saw this pretty impressive all black sail boat heading out of the peer. We...
  13. received_305991313474670.jpeg


    My first pic here.
  14. C

    Exposed my girl

    I have quite a few friends with benifits and decided it was time to tell a couple of the the truth... or at least part of it.
  15. Just me...

    Just me...

    You and I were staying at a very nice hotel. You have accompanied me on a biz trip... I bought you a very skimpy mini skirt and a white see-trough shirt for the trip... You take your time getting ready for dinner... You look stunning!! So sexy... You are not wearing panties or bra when we leave...
  16. W


    So my fantasies and curiosity got the best of me! I've never been with a BBC but I'm certainly looking for the right man to change that! Let me know if I'm BBC approved!
  17. Roman Cassius

    Conquer Rome

    Gold Member Experienced Bull Wives and single BBC lovers welcome Inbox what's on your mind...
  18. CuriousChris

    First experience

    Can someone tell me what it's like to suck and get ass fucked by a BBC for the first time? Im assuming it's different for everyone so anyone's input is welcome. Is it painful the whole time he's fucking you or does it feel good? I've fantasized about submissively being owned for a long time and...