1. smallfast1983

    Hello from Germany

    Hello, I am a married German husband from the 80s. I am not only a premature ejaculator but also have a below average penis and problems getting and keeping a full erection. I have accepted and fetishized my sexual failure. I now love SPH, being submissive and being completely humiliated...
  2. White boy pussy

    White boy pussy

    Fuck you white boys
  3. Three999


  4. Fusscucki81m

    Ein langer Weg zum Fusscuckold

    Hallo zusammen, schon als Jugendlicher bemerkte ich, dass da irgendetwas ist, was ich damals noch nicht erklären konnte. Gepflegte und schön geformte Frauenfüße zogen immer wieder meine Blicke auf sich, ohne dass ich es wirklich erklären oder anfangs damit umgehen konnte. Ich war ja schließlich...
  5. Lild3m0nnn

    Submit To Mommy

    The urgent need to watch my strap pop in and out of a dripping boicunt, over and over while my breedingboi is whining and yelping every time I fuck my cock back into his poor swollen hole, maybe if I’m lucky he’ll even start crying and cumming, making me so desperate to ruin him that I call him...
  6. S

    Being a Cuck (As long as I can't be an Alpha I'm gonna like being a Beta)

  7. S

    Cuck Freundschaften (Telegram Gruppe)

  8. M

    How I went from "Alpha" to Beta Sissy

  9. W

    My girlfriend is going to be a QoS

    Hello, everyone! We are a couple from Russia, Saint-Petersburg. I'm going to use this thread like a little blog for story of my girlfriend. This weekend I'll put a QoS tattoo on her ass. I'll send a photo here for you. I have already put beta-male tattoo on myself. Also we have found a bull for...
  10. BBCElsa97

    Passionate Swedish 24 yr old boy

    Hi! I'm a very passionate whiteboy from Sweden and I've been addicted to IR/BBC Porn since the age of 16. I've taken a vow of celibacy as I'm still a virgin & am happy to never lose it in favor of Interracial Porn / the Movement. I am extremely pro BNWO and consider black people superior in so...
  11. QueenSlayer

    Attention to all the Cucks on Kik

    I want a cuck who's willing to do some extreme *******. I do allow safe words and clearly defined limits are important. Im very much into humiliation and i need a cuck who is willing to go pretty far and pretty dark. Has to be on Kik though. MAYBE Whatsapp. Dm for details.
  12. GDmeetsBLACK

    Sollten cuckold Kinder haben?

    Uns würde gerne interessieren wie ihr darüber denkt das ein cucky Kinder haben sollte oder lieber nicht oder lieber nur den Bastard groß ziehen
  13. Zeritul

    Censored for Betas

    I've started developing a thing for censored beta porn, so i thought i'd start a thread
  14. Borncuckold

    The future of cuckolding. Part One

    From time to time I see blogs that "hate" on white men and talk about genocide. I think that is terrible and not something I am into at all. In fact I would like to offer a better plan in the form of a fantasy about the future. First, society needs to become female dominate and female focused...