Young man

I have been with only a few much younger men, and there is a good reason for it, but I sometimes forget why.

There is a younger man, whom I met while shopping ontime this Spring, and he has been trying to get me in bed for months. (I won't explain how it first started, because that is a story in itself!)

My husband is away on business, and this past weekend, I got a little frisky one night (wine warms me up in many ways!), and I sent him a text, with all intentions of just chatting. I did not realize that it was well after midnight, and he soon found out that I was drinking, alone and horny. So, he asked if he could come over and talk, instead of text chat.

I should have known, and I guess that I did, but I allowed him to park in a nearby complex, and walk through the woods to the rear of my house. We did sit and talk, if only for a few minutes, and he stood up, walked over to me and said "I want that pussy so bad! Are we going to have sex tonight?

I leaned up to kiss him, and he went totally wild. There was no holding him back, he tugged at my blouse and pants, like he was starving, so I helped remove mine and his clothes.
There was a little foreplay, and he pulled me to the floor and was trying to enter me in one move.
His cock was missing me, so I helped guide him to the sweet spot, and he really pushed in deep and was taking me rough. It was a little painful, and I was trying to reposition myself to handle him better, so I pulled my legs up.

He raised his body up, to be able to see his cock going into my pussy, and slowed his pace for a little, but the excitement got the best of him. He increased his pace, but slipped out, and unloaded all over me, before he could get back in. He pushed in as far as he could and finished, his body collapsed on mine. I had cum all over my belly, and even on my breasts. It was almost like he had exploded.

Later, he started to appologize about not putting on a condom (he did bring some), and I said that it was okay. We stayed together, until he started getting aroused again, and the second time was much better for me, because he took more time, explored my whole body and enjoyed "us".

I let him stay until around six, and awoke him. (Four times in one night with a little oral thrown in, was all he could handle, especially since I was his first white woman!)

I hope that he handles this well, and I may have him again sometime, but he has a roomate, so his place is out of the question.


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Sounds like a lot of future BBC loving white sluts will have you to thank for helping this Black Bull get his "foot" (give or take a few inches) wet in his first white pussy.:)

Keep up the good work! :dance: