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Would you let your wife start dating/have sex with her EX?

Is it hot for wife and her ex to rekindle some sparks?

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I know it can be complicated depending on how long their relationship was and how close they were...

My wife's relationship with her ex was "not great" but the sex was. A few months ago while we were doing it I got her to admit that her ex fucked her better than I do. We're relatively young but not new to cuckolding so naturally this had to come up eventually. Of course it turned me on immensely and with very little convincing on my part she put herself out there for him. They share custody of a kid so they already see each other regularly. She started flirting with him which he responded to but was a bit apprehensive. Within two weeks she got him to kiss her (he wanted to really badly but held back at first because he thinks she's cheating on me). Now for the last few months they are having "secret" sex, most often at my house when I am at work and kid's at school. So the first question is, would you want your wife to do this? For me it's crazy hot.

One of the things that makes it so hot to me is that I know they already have a sort of connection (I know some of you prefer to avoid this emotional connection between wife and another man) and of course, as most cuckolds do, I fantasize about things going even further. So the second question is, would you let your wife DATE her ex? And by that I mean anything from going out once in a while to even calling it a relationship, ie her ex is no longer her "ex". I know when they broke up he wanted her back really bad and she had considered taking him back mostly because they had a baby (at least that's the reason she tells me). I told her my fantasy that she dates him and she likes it, and plans on asking him if he wants to go for drinks and see how it progresses from there.

To be clear we have a GREAT marriage and also a baby of our own, plus this guy really doesn't have his ish together so inb4 comments that she'd leave me for him. She'll laugh her head off.
I'd say it's the perfect situation. She's getting well fucked, the ex is getting all the action without any commitment, & you're turned on by your wife cheating. Everyone's happy ! Congratulations :)
Thank you wilyboi! It's so exciting and definitely a dream come true. We've even gotten to the point where she fucks him but I'm not allowed to have sex with her, just lick her while she tells me about it and calls out his name. I suppose we're a bit more like lesbian lovers now, as opposed to having "penetrative sex".
For many cuckolds (including myself) this constant tease and knowing that he gets my wife in a way I don't is like the ultimate fantasy become reality!
I love this scenario! It would be great, at least in theory, because she already knows him, knows he can fuck her better than me, he is trustworthy, etc. And there is some connection, rather than meaningless sex, so for me that'S much hotter. I love the idea of eventually being relegated to the odd man out, the hubby who is totally denied sex (apart from the odd hand job from her and self masturbation), while my wife and her ex become the real couple (again). I'd love to be the third wheel, and enjoy my status as has-been while watching their love bloom... romantic!


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My hubby has never been jealous of any black guy I've been with but has always been jealous of my ex bf DB. DB was my first fuck and we did a lot of stuff together. I even had his initials tattooed above my pussy. Before last Christmas I started chatting with DB on Facebook, he had separated from his partner and we got talking. I told hubby that we were going to meet up for a drink and would he be ok if anything developed. Hubby wasn't overly happy but agreed.
I met up with DB had a great time and ended up fucking, I enjoyed it but wasn't the same this time found. Hubby was really jealous about it all and wasn't keen.
Ironically it was DB who ended it this time, I had told him from the start about my IR swinging, meeting men, hubby watching, photos on net etc but I don't think he believed me. When he found out it was real he wasn't happy and finished it!
So now his initials are covered up with my new black panther tatt. And hubbys happy because DB is out of my life...(for the moment!!)
Our first swing and cuck experience Was with an old fling of hers. They were going to date back in the day but things never got serious between them. I wasnt a fan of his at all but i also knew she wouldn't be comfortable with a stranger for her first cuck session. It was a plus to go back to though because before me condoms were always involved and he always pulled out. When she fucked him for me it was bareback and she swallowed. LOVED THAT. He did start to get a little clingy though plus he was small she hasn't touched him since. As far as dating no way in hell. Im all about her freedom with her body but her heart belongs to me. But i am curious if there are alot of swingers/cucks that have input on fucking an ex?