WORD! She is not object!

She has her OWN desires. Our life is not something thought by one subject, so she can do whatever she want if she chooses you like her husband. And will do you to wait many years for marriage, will be caught by many men, will to switch boyfriends, find Bull lovers, and cheat ALL them.

The best I did was give her Sexual Freedom while we were knowing each other as well and she began to avoid me, teasing me with jokes, cheating to myself, denying while laughs. She gotta fun, that's matter!

I Am a Happy Cuckold because Mistress is Happiness. If you don't enjoy this Cuckold Relationship, don't mate Hotwife or Lady Misty that enjoy life with sex by good pleasure and loves cuckolding the hubby of her.

She need a stable relationship that gives her a comfortable situation. So will mate the Bulls, and while if she did not married her hubby less dominant, it's possible she will keep him until same like a "third or fourth part" of her relationships. But that's because many men stays approaching to her, and she enjoy sexual liberation, and will get pissed off any time when lose control of situation.

She is Subject and will choose the better for her. I am a happy cuck hubby supporting Mistress.