Wonderland's Waters

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    Please baby don’t get up
    Stay in this dream a little longer
    My lucid love will put your worries to rest
    Let me go down into this little rabbit hole
    Taking satisfaction as I drink in your gaze
    Teasing you, taking you in completely

    Pillow talk’s all we really want
    Tell me how you like it on the other side
    Drive me mad like you’ve got something to prove
    I know you like it when I feel emotional
    I’ll only ask you once while you smile like a Cheshire Cat
    What am I supposed to do with you?
    I could tip you over like a little tea pot & pour your steamy water out
    I should paint your pink flower a new color

    Go with the flow until we reach to the top
    Come up for air, after taking me as far as you can
    Keep your head up while I breathe & lick down your neck
    You thought you could break me down with your fingertips
    And the way that they linger, running slowly over the edge
    Stay afloat with my hands holding onto your sides
    Thrust your body into me, consuming my aching passion completely
    Legs kicking involuntarily as we disappear into passion’s pool
    Feel a flood coming on, body mind spirit love
    Washing away what remains of yesterday
    We’re drifting into new territory as we succumb

    Here is always here, no matter where we begin
    Through our lust which seems forest deep
    Under the still waters reflection is where your ecstasy awaits
    Head to toe, tasting your sweetness & the sounds you make
    Dip my head down into the depths below
    Let’s drown under the stars above
    And if we should lose our breath, our passions shall resuscitate us
    With my hands on your chest, pressing against your soul
    With your lips creating space between my once closed lips
    Bringing out that love you’ve been swimming in
    There’s only seconds until we rise again
    But we want it to last

    Please baby don’t get up
    I know you want to play under the sheets instead
    Stay with me in this dream wet for you
    Your body is a Wonderland
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    Love your writing! Please keep posting. :)