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I'm very well groomed man, smell good all the time I like to dress nice all of the time I don't wear my clothes hanging off of me. I’m a Computer Desktop Support Administrator.I am tall male, well-endowed that is looking for a no strings sexual relationship also,I am very oral and I don’t mind being with large women as a matter of speaking I prefer sexy BBW always was attracted to bigger women so with that being said I would like to enjoy your company .

I would Fuck you sideways in a chair, then Bend you over backwards twice from behind sit you up on top for something, upside down horizontally. Standing up, in the bed, on a table in the shower, hard and fast scissor style, at high noon in the dark in a pool windows open against the wall in a closet, maybe a little during breakfast in a car, at the park, in the rain harder faster now and again


If there was a perfect woman,
She would be thick and full of body,
so a man could have something to hold.
Thick arms . . .
Thick legs . . .
The Thickness of hips that show a good thing,
Something full and special;
A vista set out as God had intended,
Shaped in molds with plenty to hold.
A sweet roundness to her curve,
The sweeping hills of her hips,
The luscious lay of her bodyscape,
The full slope of her bosom,
All totaling a package fit only for kings.
If you see her sashay with confidence and style,
And you admire the beauty in the tilt of her head,
Then you're catching her vibe
As she was meant to be seen.
So bask in her splendid Magnificence,