Will my wife go BLACK?

I have been trying to convince my wife to go black for over 10 years. It's taken some time but things are beginning to progress. We just have some road blocks that we need to cross. could anyone give me a bit of advise?

We are a happily married couple in our 30s and are new parents. Outside of a couple light swinging experiences we have only been with each other for the past 15 years.

Over the past year things have really changed. She has been very vocal and playful with the fantasy.
All though she really gets off on the fantasy she stops at making it a reality. She says having sex with someone else is a big step.

But her actions speak other wise.

for example: She agreed to come on this forum and flirt/chat with Black men. The condition was a I would be locked in chastity for 2 months. We have only had sex with me wearing a 8in black strap on. (which is a lot bigger than me.) and she really get off on it. We made a few posts and she has chafed and flirted with some guys but she hasn't really held up her end of the arrangement. She is a bit shy and told me she dosnt know what to say.

She really like the attention and the compliments but with only 2 weeks left in the cage I'm really hopping for more.

Can anyone give me some advise?

Here are our posts and pics of my wife: https://www.blacktowhite.net/threads/my-hubby-told-me-i-was-built-for-bbc.37775/



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Having sex with someone else IS a big step; its good at least your wife realizes it. Plus, its hard to have sex with total strangers. If you guys don't use Skype, maybe the two of you should try using that as your next step to developing friendships with black men.

Something else you should be aware of ... your wife is very fertile right now, after having just had a baby. Unless you desire it to have a "pecan tan" brother or sister, I suggest you make sure she's on reliable b-c. I certainly wouldn't trust that her first black male will use a condom. For having just had a baby, she looks awesome ... hope her first one will be awesome. Mac
Thanks for the reply. Yeah definitely no pecans right now. She is on a very good B-control and Its highly unlikely that this will happen soon.

I'm happy she knows this is a big thing and is cautious. Its one of the reasons I trust her to do it.

Our problem is she can be kinda shy sometimes. She has come on this forum and chatted/flirted with a few guys. We also posted some pics and comments together. Its when she comes on here by herself. She told me she dosnt know what to say and that she isn't sure what to do.

I stand behind her decision whatever it may be. The thing is she is all hot about it then not. She told me that if something happens it happens. Meaning if she meets the right guy she would do it. I know her all too well and if she met the right guy in the right situation she wouldn't think twice.

We have done a lot of fun stuff together over the years. Its only been the past few years that things got stale. Now this year though she's locking me in chastity, teasing me endlessly, taking a BBC strap on, wearing QOS anklets out on our dates. It's hot stuff.

Im at the point now though that I got to see her let loose.


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It will be up to her if she wants to go down having sex with a black man path. Do not push her on this issue. Allow her to find out herself if having sex with a black man will satisfy her or not.
It will be up to her if she wants to go down having sex with a black man path. Do not push her on this issue. Allow her to find out herself if having sex with a black man will satisfy her or not.
I totally agree. I don't want to push or rush her into it. I want to help her find out if this is what she wants. There are aspects of this she really enjoys. How can I help her with using the forum? She says she doesn't know what to say. We met when we where very young and she didn't really date. She hasn't tried to pick up or engage with a guy most if not all of her life.