Wifey's Hot dream, could be her BD present


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my wife and I are new to the sharing/cuckolding scene, lots of barriers still to break. We only did it 4 times over two years, at hotels with escorts. Yesterday she woke up horney , and to my surprise she to,d me that she had a dream that we travelled on her upcoming birthday away somewhere in Europe , and that I let her go out with another man as a treat. She started to tell me how he was putting his hands between her legs in the elevator (in the dream) and that I allowed her to do everything with him, now that she know I get turn d on by seeing other men fuck her.
We are 35 and 36 upper middle class , we could escape from Tn kids for 3 days for her birthday coming end of this month.
Any ideas or suggestions where we can get phantasy realized in Europe?