Wife's Recollections, Re-Told By Hubby, #1

I met K.P. on a set, with a lot of down time. He liked the way I looked. I liked his confidence. I texted hubby about him. We flirted. He noticed my ring, but didn’t ask about it. We flirted some more. I flashed him a look at the tattoo halfway down my ass. When the gig wrapped, he told me he was a modeling manager and thought I had what it took and should come by his office. I knew what that meant. I hoped he’d have a big cock. Most of the Black men I’ve fucked do.

When I got home, hubby was disappointed I hadn’t given my new friend K.P. some head before coming home. I had thought about it, but I had been afraid we’d get kicked off and not paid. So I had restrained myself.

That night, hubby and I talked about safety, and protocols, and I told him I was committed to using a condom. He agreed that I should do whatever I’m comfortable doing with my own body. He agreed a condom was the right thing to do, and even though he likes the idea of bareback, it should be off limits tonight.

I spent the whole next day counting the minutes until my “audition” with K.P. He’d asked me to come in late, after 10:00. I started to get ready at eight. I spent a long time trying on different outfits. If I’d known how fast they were going to come off, I might not have bothered!

I was nervous. I knew this guy must fuck models regularly, and I was anxious that wouldn’t stack up. Hubby came over and kissed me passionately. He told me I was the hottest he’d seen me in months. He said he just hoped K.P. didn’t cum too fast from the sight of me. I walked out a little more confidently.

I got to K.P.’s place late. We chatted and flirted until he said it was pretty late, he was done with work, and asked if I’d like to just chill and maybe do the interview another time. I asked what he had in mind. He recommended Netflix, and I agreed. He led me to his bedroom and put on some documentary about “love.” He sat down on the couch. I sat down with one leg against his, the other splayed out, pulling up my tight little skirt and exposing my thong.

We pretended to watch the show while his hand casually crept toward my rapidly dampening pussy. It only took him about a minute from when I sat down to when I felt him gently pulling aside my thong and slipping two fingers inside of me. I can’t resist bold men. I immediately turned to kiss him. He pushed my hand onto his crotch. I squeezed him through his pants. He was big. I greedily unfastened his clothes and pulled him out..

His cock felt good in my hand. I hadn’t been able to look down yet, but he was definitely a good bit thicker and longer than hubby, and he was still soft. I began gently tugging his shaft. I felt it all the way from his balls to the sticky tip. I thought about how deep that thing was going to push into me, and let out an involuntary moan. His cock pulsed and hardened. I started pumping him harder and faster. I could feel him expanding and firming up. I felt a few large drops of precum trickling down my hand. I wanted his big hard cock in me!

Suddenly, he slipped his fingers out of me and nudged my head down. I happily moved down to take his throbbing cock into my mouth. He felt huge in my mouth -- much thicker than hubby. And long. I would need to use both hands to work this cock properly. I started slowly, gently rolling his massive cock head around on my tongue, lapping up the salty fluid streadily oozing out. I was pleased and impressed with how much precum he produced. Nothing gets me wetter than that delicious nectar.

I felt him grab me by the back of the head and press my head against him while his cock pulsed, pressing hard against the back of my mouth. I tried to take him down my throat, but he was too thick. He lifted me off to take a breath, then pushed me down again. Suddenly, he lifted me by my hair off of his cock and pushed me toward his bed. "Go lie down, bitch," he said, and I obediently lay on my back and spread my legs for him. I had assumed he’d been going to get a condom, but a couple of seconds later, I felt the naked, dripping tip of his huge, throbbing cock kissing up against my sopping wet pussy lips as he pinned me down by my arms and started kissing me.

“I need to say something.” I thought. And then he was pushing into me. I hadn’t realized until that moment how wet I’d gotten blowing him, but it was obvious when his huge cock slid deep inside me without any resistance. “You shouldn’t be in there like that” I thought, as I moaned loudly. Oh, God, it felt good! He already felt huge, but I could feel his cock swelling, hardening; he was getting close. I remembered I’d promised Hubby we’d use a condom. But I wanted his cum in me. “Well, he’s already inside” I rationalized. I squeezed him with every thrust.

He started to speed up. Waves of pleasure surged through my body as he pounded deeply into me, and all I could think about was making sure he came. His tempo reached a fever pitch, and I knew he was going to blow. I clamped him tightly, then suddenly I felt him pulling out. A desperate whimper escaped me as he shot his load all over my stomach and up to my tits. I couldn’t believe how much he sprayed onto me! “Sorry, that was stupid,” he said. “Almost didn’t make it out in time.” I wished he hadn’t, but managed to bite my tongue. I lay with him, kissing him for a while, but he was falling asleep, so I washed up and went home. The whole way back my pussy was driving me insane with desire for him to put a load like that inside me. I decided I would have to “convince” hubby that since we’d already gone bareback, it didn’t matter if we did again, soon…

But that’s another story...