Wife with Black Massuer and Lover

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    I love the fact my wife has this guy. He does her do good that she is know fucking me more than ever. I am the happiest man on earth and if a white guy don't want this kinda set up its because he is a Pussy. This guy and I are really good friends and he takes good care of her mouth pussy and add for me. :)

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    Keller54, my wife gets so hot talking about this same thing. I never thought she could get so fired up talking about a black massuer. But it's only fantasy now. How did you guys make the jump from fantasy to reality? What's the best thing about it? Your wife looks really hot, by the way!
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    Dude the best thing about it is Jed sex drive is now ten told Better and we are having sex a ton more. I love to fuck her after she has been with him as her pussy is hit and juicy. Get her to do it and you could set up a private massage like I did and after three massages they had sex. Now they see each other about one to three times a week and I am never there and dong care but if she ever wants me to I will. Tell her she will love it!! Let me know it you can email me at keller5459@yahoo.com