wife swapping

my wife has not been without a bbc bf for over a year now. while she likes to keep it quite quiet she isn't very good at hiding it. possibly on purpose. i know that in that time there have been 3 different guys. i spoke to a bull about this and he said when a black bull is "done" with a girl he sets her up with his mate. is this true? because i was kind of hoping she might take a break soon so i could get some sex!!! lmao.


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gif_Yellowball-golfing.gif Maybe you need to find a hobby and quit worrying about those kinds of things. By your avatar, it appears she just needs a real man in her life. If she gets passed around, be sure to say "thank you" to the last bull that had her. :)


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My wife had two bulls at any given time. That way if for any reason, one moves, becomes involved or married there is still one which gives me time to find another.
Evolution . It "begins" with one stud . Then another . Then she has several friends . etc . Over time , she has more "friends" . Not so much about "relationships" but that is there too . "concentration" of the relationships tends to be sexually focused . Sharing is common amoung some blacks. Originally , it was more
productive at impregnation ... if one guy didnt , the next guy did . But the important criteria here is that she is
ready for all of this . Most women get there but some take longer than others .