Wife koncked up by a stranger

Discussion in 'Cuckold Forum' started by masterpumpkin, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. masterpumpkin

    masterpumpkin New Member

    My fantasy is that may wife will get konocked up by her lover or total stranger. Love to see him filling ger with semen. Guys and couples please post your opinion.
  2. prowler9

    prowler9 New Member

    We agree, though prefer that she be impregnated by a stranger.
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  3. daone2125

    daone2125 New Member

    I would love to fulfill your fanatasy. Know I don't know about prowler9 while I am cool with sharing and swapping having wanting to have a baby by a stranger is a little wrong to me. Keep it sexual kids don't have anything to do with it.
  4. rick181au

    rick181au New Member

    I am with you and don't like the idea of kids being involved.
    We started swinging, swapping andf having M F M 3/somes when we were 35 "it was the wife's first time with another guy as I had taken her cherry when she was 19", after we had our family and the wife had her tubes tied after our last baby so all our sex with others was bare back wet (at times "very wet" sex).
    Don't know how we would have went about it if their was a risk of her getting pregnat to another guy?
  5. Imfun

    Imfun New Member

    I agree about keeping to sex and good times and not baby's. I've had many men fill me with semen while I was young. Thankfully, I didn't get pregnant! My husband didn't have any troubly impregnating me tho. Now, at my age, I don't really have to worry about kids any more. I enjoy bareback and getting filled with semen.
  6. Strongblue01

    Strongblue01 New Member

    Both the husband and wife would have to agree to this. If that was done it would be a real turn on, especially if there was a big belly shot and one with the little package after delivery. But bringing kids into this would require some very deep support from both parties.
    I'm sure there are women out there, along with their men, that might find this exciting but it should be remembered that nine months later they would have to start raising the result of that decision. And what if it is a biracial baby. Now that would mean walking through a lot of fire.
    Be sure this is what you want. Then if it is, well do share the sex part of the experience with us.
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  7. bicuriousasianmilf

    bicuriousasianmilf New Member

    Having a fling with another guy is one thing.

    Having a permanent reminder of your wife fucking another guy is something else entirely. How long would you be able to stand it?

    How would it feel to have a black dude get her pregnant?
  8. kinkycouple9

    kinkycouple9 Well-Known Member

    Weve fantasized about this.....I explained to my BCW that the bulls job is to inseminate her...his instinct is to cum in her pussy to get her pregnant...thats the point, right? She came like crazy at this thought...her tubes are tied, not a possibility....but a woman being used for that purpose is sexy..........can you imagine a group of hot white women being held by muscular, 12 inch cocked black men for breeding purposes........group sex sessions till they are impregnanted?

    In reality....oh my god...how fucked up would this kid be in life when he found out his parents relationship and what he was the result of?? Sure, the parents could lie and say he was adopted ....or dad ran out on mom.....which would fuck a person up any way....but the truth has habit of finding its way out.
  9. aliekwast

    aliekwast New Member

    Years ago my husband and i were having bare sex with total strangers. We agreed to proceed although there was a risk for becoming pregnant.

    We had 3/somes on regular base and both my hub and the stranger filled my pussy.

    The only times i became pregnant was in times we did it when there was no stranger.

    love alie
  10. Virage

    Virage New Member

    I've impregnated women twice and both times it was the absolute HOTTEST sex, and the couple was really turned on. The first was a couple I had been a Bull with for about 3 years and when I knocked up the wife they just LOVED it. The second, I had been with for about a year. Would love to father more.
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  11. Russian Bull

    Russian Bull New Member

    I have been breeding for a number of years for real, sometimes because the couple was actually looking for a donor, sometimes because they'd be swingers and get turned on by the risk. It's always very stimulating - I follow my instinct and realize my potential as a Bull. So if you plan to visit Moscow check your ovulation date.
    E-mail: alfabull@yandex.ru, Skype: health--club
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  12. Virage

    Virage New Member

    Very hot. I've impregnated two married women. One as the Bull in the relationship, one because she wanted to torture her hubby with him never knowing who the father really was. Very satisfying both times.
  13. vidapaz

    vidapaz Well-Known Member Gold Member

    Love the story!
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  14. MWC4BLK

    MWC4BLK Well-Known Member

    When we was a little younger we would've liked for my wife to get bread by a black guy. She works with IR children and loves them dearly.
  15. MWC4BLK

    MWC4BLK Well-Known Member

    That is a HOT story. I'd love to be used by a black guy after he used my wife like this, YUMMY!
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  16. bigblack69

    bigblack69 Member

    Come to me i will love it.
  17. skank1031

    skank1031 New Member

    I am soo ready
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  18. bigblack69

    bigblack69 Member

    I will be ready to see that white ass sucking my bbc
  19. ZAgg

    ZAgg New Member

    This is certainly a big fantasy for a lot of white boys. Whether many of them are prepared to make it a reality is another question.
  20. Alanm

    Alanm Well-Known Member Real Person Gold Member

    Have had this hot bedroom talk before.