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Wife is meeting a black lover on Friday

Man, this is my dream come true. Finally! It looks like Friday she going to meet with a man who has the makings of a bull, handsome, smooth and suave and has his pick of the ladies and is hung like nobodys business!

We already had a preliminary meet and she liked him alot; he is confident without being arrogant and seems to give his rapt attention to her when she is talking. She wanted it to be 3sum but I insisted that this was her night to take a new lover so I will be taking pictures, hopefully to share later.
I hope it works out good for all of you. My wife has had many black lovers over the years many of them lived in our home from time to time they treated my wife like she was there I was perfectly okay with that. I enjoyed her black lovers making out with my wife while watching TV or were they wanted. Many of my black coworkers became my wife lovers also.
Suffice it to say, last night was fantastic! We met with our new friend and went out for drinks and dinner and we were feeling no pain when we got back to our place. Without any fanfare my wife and her new lover proceeded upstairs to start the festivities, while I stayed downstairs to smoke a cigarette. By the time I walked into our bedroom, they were still fully clothed but embraced in a passionate kiss on the bed while lying side by side, front to front. Eventually he worked his way down and began removing her clothing, kissing her neck and chest along the way. He removed her skirt and blouse and kept kissing her tits thru her bra, eventually moving the cups aside to suck on her extremely aroused nipples. He then removed her panties and went to work immediately eating her pussy. Of course, my wife loves to have her pussy eaten but her response to his ministrations surprised me a bit. It was obvious she was extremely aroused as it only took a minute or two before she was writhing around on the bed and fucking his mouth with her pussy. She started shrieking and lifting her ass off the bed as her orgasm washed over her, bucking so hard he had to grab her ass to keep up with her.

While she rested he removed his clothing and revealed his half hard cock and it was pretty impressive. I took the opportunity to help my wife remove her bra, leaving her completely naked before her new lover. He continued by sucking on her tits. I was positioned at the foot of the bed and had a great view of her gaping pussy lips and aroused clit and his semi erect cock lying inside her left thigh. I saw her hand snake down and grasp his cock and let me tell you for me that was one of the hottest things I had seen since we started swinging. You see my wife is extremely shy and usually allows the man (or woman) to initiate everything. But she wanted his dick and she was showing me how much she wanted it by taking the initiative. The site of her dainty little hand stroking his thick black dick was one I will never forget!

He asked her if she wanted to "suck" and she nodded earnestly. She tried taking his dick in her cute little mouth but she could barely take his bulbous head. She stroked the remaining part of his cock fucking him with her mouth and hands until he was hard. He then asked if she was ready and she said yes. He donned a condom and slid back down her body to position himself at her entrance. He slowly fed his black snake into her petite body inch by inch and my lovely wife took it all without a flinch. In my position at the foot of the bed I could clearly see my wifes stretched pussy and his chocolate staff joined together and watch him slowly feed her his pole. He started with a slow steady pace but began building momentum. My wife started gasping and shrieking as his cock began hitting all of her hot spots and then some. She looked so fucking hot with this black stud between her white slender thighs, her legs splayed wide open and bent at the knees so that her freshly painted toes were literally gripping the sides of his thighs, pulling her pussy up to meet his thrusts, one hand on the back of his head, one on his ass. He must have thought so too because all of a sudden he went into overdrive and began pounding her pussy causing her to cum immediately. She was shrieking at the top of her lungs and her body was shuddering uncontrollably as she rode the tremendous crescendo that was her orgasm. He never slowed continuing to pound her through her orgasm. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, her orgasm began to wane and he in turn slowed his pace. I have never seen her come so hard from another dick other than my own.

He continued his assault on her pussy, rebuilding speed and rocking her through another powerful orgasm before turning her over and entering her doggystyle. I was a bit concerned for her at this point cause when I fuck her doggy I am careful not to pound her too hard lest I might hurt her. But he had no concern and he again pounded her and she didn't put up any protest. He fucked her that way through two more orgasms and then she needed a break.

She went to the bathroom and he stayed on the bed lying on his back, his cock softening a bit from inactivity. I went downstairs for a cig and when I came back up she was back in bed lying on her stomach and he was massaging her back while lying on his side next to her. She turned her body to his, with her back to him and she massaged her thighs and shoulders and she began purring like a kitten. She LOVES massages. Eventually, she turned her head and body enough to give him a hot passionate kiss and placed her top leg over his, giving me a clear view of her reddened pussy. He got some more lube and after applying a copious amount he placed his hand under her knee lifting her leg even higher and while kissing her, he once again entered her hot hole.

It was the highlight of the evening for me to see my wife's pussy and clit so swollen with arousal being used yet again by this ebony stud. He began deliberately sliding his long cock in and out of her and again her response was almost immediate. She started with the loud gasps followed by staccato shrieks timed with his thrusts followed by long loud piercing shrieks as her final orgasm crash over her. It was amazing to see her so open, so turned on, so aroused by her new lover and how easily he made her cum. A delicious tinge of jealousy coursed through me as I watched their final act. He began huffing and puffing as he dumped his load in his

They lay still as they came down from their orgasms, my wife with a serene grin of satiation on her face. He promptly cleaned himself, dressed, and I drove him to his car.

Any ways as I reviewed what I could my wife oiled up my dick (I LOVE handjobs) and began pumping with both hands. Having just been severely pounded by the biggest dick of her life, I was yet again surprised when she began rubbing her pussy against my leg. I said "Are you horny again, babe?" She said "Yessss!" So I got her wabbit out of the drawer and said, "Fuck this toy and pretend like your lover is still fucking you!" She inserted her toy deep in her pussy and pressed the vibrating wabbit ears to her still swollen clit while I jacked myself. So between the mostly distorted video and my hot wife fucking herself with her favorite toy, I found myself on the brink in a matter of seconds. And then out of the blue she called out her lovers name and said "Fuck me, T!" I lost it right then and there came all over my stomach and chest, hand and arm, on the comforter and some even landed on her thighs.
There is nothing better than watching a superior black man fucking the hell out of your wife in your bed and hoping he will knock her up, the sad part of my wish my wife was knocked up three times by black men none were carried to term them both very disappointed.
watching wife with her black lovers

My wife always had her black lover to our home whenever possible, which included some of my black coworkers, nothing more exciting in my life than watching them getting down to business. My wife was a very passionate woman loves to kiss as well as fucking.
That was hot thanks for sharing, I have a good friend who is black we've had threesomes with his hot wife
who is also black but thats a story for another time, my girlfriend knows about it and gets off hearing what we did she is
into interracial porn and is almost ready for her first black man.