Wife interested but can't get her to take final step

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    Anyone out there who can help me get my BBW wife to finally do what she wants to do?
    She has been wanting a nice BBC for several years but just about the time we get to do it she chickens out. anyone out there have suggestions or can help? we are in Arizona and willing to travel in state to find the right guy to get her done.
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    You can't make anyone be ready to do something. They have to really want it. Be respectful and patient. Let her indulge her curiosity and maybe she will get horny enough to follow through. It can be scary for women and they really need the right guy to break them in if she isn't used to big cocks. A real bull who is a cocksman knows how to work it in slow and pleasurable, an inexperienced guy will try to shove it in and hurt her pussy if she isn't broken in and used to it.