Wife having a bad girl type of day

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  1. Well my wife had her long time lover/friend over for lunch today and had some nice sex on our bed and took two loads. She texted me that the sex was okay but not great.
    She has left to meet a new guy who she has not fucked as of yet. They met the other day for drinks but no sex which is kind of cool that they are building something longterm up but she is expecting and hoping to get the shit fucked out of her tonight. I am hoping for some updates throughout their encounter together. He is interested in becoming her boyfriend so we shall see where that goes. I look forward to her retelling me what happened. Because of the cum already inside her , her excuse is that I prepped her before she left just in case he mentions anything about her super wet pussy.
  2. This is why i complain about people being fake, she left was halfway there and the dick texts her and says his girl came over and he can not see her. He never even mentioned that he had a girl. We are pretty much done with this shit now. We know he is real but one of those who just wants the smell of white pussy but is scared to go through with it so fuck it.
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    Sorry to hear that, but at least, if your Wife should ever decide to try again, she is one loser closer to finding a winner.
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    don't let 1 jerk stop you two from doing what you both want. you'll find someone if you quit looking.