wife at the club

So she has been clubbing the last few weeks and met a black guy she likes, he is dark and has a wide receiver type of build as she described. she had given him a ride him a few times and made out with him but hasn't followed through with sex. She has been dancing with him and told me he has a "huge bulge" when they danced that she noticed. Last night she came home and made out with me and told me she made out with him again and had made plans tonight to go home with him after the club, this really turned me on, I started to lick her pussy and then we had sex, she told me that I should just cum and she wanted to save it for tomorrow for her new friend. So today she went shopping and bought new panties, bra and an outfit, she said she wants to look super sexy for her first BBC. Currently I'm at home waiting for her to get back and find out what happened.
Ok sorry for the delay I've been super busy with work this week, So she ended up getting home around 3:30 am after leaving the club around 2:00am, She went back to his place and ended up laying down together and started to make out, she put her hand down his pants and started playing with him and pulled out what she described as the big dick she's ever seen!!! She then took her clothes off for him, as soon as he saw her ass he started licking it and kissing it. He tried to get on her back she pushed him back and rode his cock, she told me she came in like 30 seconds it was that good, she really enjoyed it. Then he mounted her and filled up her lil white pussy and was beating it up for a minute, he had to pulled out a few times just because she gets soooo wet when she fucks it will make you wanna cum instantly, he was spanking her clit with his BBC when he did that to take a quick break, eventually he finished and she told me that if he went longer she would of came twice. She really liked it and wants to go back on later this week and hang out with him again.
She's going to hang out with her friend tonight for a few hours, she looked really hot when I came back from work I asked what's up? she told me she wants to go chill with her buddy for a little while, I told her OK. I didn't expect her to be back at it so soon or to be this much into it. She really seemed skeptical at first, now she is like all for it more than me actually, any of your guys wife or wives enjoy it that much more than you thought she would? or you would?
She has been there two more times since, the third time was her favorite, she came home with her booty all red from being slapped and she had gotten it hard. She told me she took it from behind and had never felt cock that deep in her pussy before. She also mentioned how she likes to suck on it before and she how big n hard she can get it, it's pretty much come down to her favorite thing to do on the weekends now.