Why white man love to share his wife with black???

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  1. Hotitalianwife

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    We are a couple....we had sex with a black bull only one time and now we want have more more and more......but why we love to have sex with another guy???and why with only black???and why black guys love to have sex with white girls?the white ass is my wife....do you guys like it????

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  2. Big Black75

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    Hell yeah I break her back in !!! White girls be packing them DONKS in them jeans. A big ass will always get the brothers attention...
  3. madsey

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    my white bf loves to watch black guys fucking me because he knows he could never fuck me as good and it's the only way he will ever see me letting myself go and losing myself in total ecstasy.
  4. bbcdatsme

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    nice ass

    do you share
  5. relel_82

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    This is the male member of this couple. I can't explain it or dont know why. But at first i shared her with a white guy and it did nothing for me. Not to mention he did not please her. But the first time with a black guy was out of this world for us both. Me watching and her pleasure.Never have we been let down. Never again have i shared her with another white guy either. Now with me traveling over the road so much being a truckdriver.I dont get to watch as much but i do enjoy her telling me what happens when im on the road.I don't know why and cant explain but for some reason its so much more exciting and erotic with black men.
  6. JoMu

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    Seeing my wife being used by a Black man is so erotic for all 3 of us. We started on our wedding night and are still doing it after 5 years. I get to lick her clean and this drives me wild. I am now in male chastity but that is part of the thrill and humiliation
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  7. nycblackbull

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    would love to pound that pussy ... bet it gets real moist n sticky mmmmmm loves it.... hit me up lets make it happen... holderjamar@yahoo.com